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Walmart is Selling $5 Bras That Are Just as Good as Victoria’s Secret

I have a confession to make – I own a ridiculous amount of Victoria’s Secret bras.

For years, I simply thought they were the best and I’d typically wait for a sale to try to save myself a little bit of money when buying them.

Well, I think it’s time I finally say goodbye to Victoria’s Secret because Walmart is selling $5 bras that are just as good.

I would know – I’ve been wearing this bra for over 3 months now and it’s my daily go-to wear.

Personally, I feel like these Walmart bras are the dupe for the Victoria’s Secret The T-shirt Lightly-Lined Full Coverage Bra which in case you didn’t know, is $39.95.

But this Walmart bra – is nearly identical in fit, color and sizing. Plus, it is only $4.98!!

And honestly, why would I want to pay more for a brand name?

In case you aren’t good at math – that means you can buy 8 of these bras for the price of 1 at Victoria’s Secret! That is INSANE.

Now, before you head to your local Walmart to grab one of these, you need to know exactly which bra to get.

I say this because, there are a few other bras that look just like this one but they are twice or three times as much.

This bra in specific is the No Boundaries T-Shirt Bra and it’s found in the women’s section.

It comes in sizes 34B – 42DD and comes in black, white, beige, or gray colors.

Spoiler alert – I got one in every color.

I did find these true to size and actually just got the same size as my Victoria’s Secret bras and they fit perfeclty.

These bras are comfortable and provide great coverage and support for your ladies. Trust me, you’ll want to get one asap.

You can grab the No Boundaries T-Shirt Bra from Walmart for $4.98 here.