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7 Ways You Can Keep Your Home Safe From A Pest Infestation

Some people are absolutely frightened and would have a nervous breakdown to find that their home is infested with bugs, but the truth is, no home is safe from bugs, insects and pests. But there is a difference between common household bugs that live undetected, and your home having a real and severe pest problem. 

Our homes are often places to be proud of, where we like to feel at our most safest and secure. After all, we can all spend a great deal of money on our homes, wanting to ensure that we get the most out of one of the biggest purchases we can make in our lifetimes. So when it comes under threat by things we often cannot control, it’s easy to see why people can get so stressed over those tiny crawlies or small rodents. Bugs, insects and rodents, just like humans, need access to a food and water supply. They need a place where they can burrow and rest, and often, ensuring that you take the right measures to rid your home of these qualities can often do the trick and there are plenty of DIY methods you can try for things like spider control, keeping your home safe from rodents, and flies and critters causing havoc in your home. Here are some of the things to help keep your home safe from a pest infestation. 

Seal those doors

We all know that a locked door can often keep burglars and intruders at bay, a properly sealed door can do much of the same when it comes to unwanted pests trying to enter your home. If you take a closer look at the doors to your home, you may be surprised to see the odd gap here and there and while these can look tiny to the naked eye, it won’t stop any rodents and insects trying to gain access to your home. The bottom of your door is one of the most common points of entry, so you may want to seal this by adding an additional protector that could be combined with a door sweep to ensure that no access can be made. You can also buy door seal kits from all good DIY stores, that should help you solve the issue moving forward. 

Add specialist screens to open windows and doors

Many of us homeowners rely on ventilating our properties by opening doors and windows to let some fresh air in, especially during the summer months when it is much warmer, but opening up those windows and doors are leaving you open to letting rodents and bugs into it, and ultimately then allowing them to stay and infest your home. A good tip, if you’re thinking of having windows and doors open for longer periods, is to get a screen that can be placed over them. That way, you are then protecting your home while still enabling air to get in. 

Repair any cracks to your homes exterior

We can all be a little guilty of putting off odd jobs around the house that need to be done. Clearing out those gutters, protecting pipework from the winter, and subsequently taking on any repairs that need to be done to your home. One big repair that could cause you a whole host of problems are evident cracks. While it may not be causing issues structurally, you are leaving yourself open for bugs, insects and rodents to take homage in those cracks and access the interior of your home. Sealing them up as soon as you spot them can reduce the chances of this happening. 

Seal where pipes enter into your home

Just like cracks are a great entrance point for pests, so can where your pipes enter your home. There will always be some form of pipework into your home such as the waste pipe from the toilet, water pipes for your bathrooms and kitchens, and even piping for things like gas supply for cookers. They all have entrance points, but you may find that at some of the areas of your home there might now be a gap between walls and the pipes. So a good idea would be to also get those areas sealed up at your earliest convenience. As the pipes need the access, it is actually one of the easiest routes a pest can get into your home and start causing havoc. 

Don’t leave yourself open to infestation 

Sometimes, with the best will in the world, you seal your home and protect yourself in every way possible, but if you don’t do basic things such as putting food away, taking care of your waste and even clutter in your home, then you are leaving yourself wide open to inviting rodents in. Like mentioned earlier, they thrive off having a source of food and water, as well as a place to hide and burrow, so leaving food out, or even crumbs on the floor and on the kitchen work surfaces could be the start of a big problem for you in the future. 

Make sure you take care of your disposal methods 

There are other things you can do in your home such as making sure you recycle properly and dispose of things like food and other waste appropriately. Unruly bins can be huge breeding grounds for pests and rodents, so it is always advisable to ensure that you do all you can to follow proper disposal methods. You could also ensure that you disinfect your bins regularly to ensure you keep bacteria and germs at bay. 

Call in the experts

If you start to panic that you think you have some sort of pest infestation in your home that you can’t seem to get under control then, of course, the first point of contact would be to call the experts to rid your home of the problem for good. Some common things that could alert you to a problem would be to find droppings in your home from things like mice and rats, regular sightings and even rustling in the cavity walls in other areas of your home. Calling in experts could be the answer. Some of the common issues homes can have include other pests such as flies, cockroaches, and bed bugs.

Let’s hope that some of these tips and tricks help you to bug proof your home for good.