14 Delectable Cherry Coke Recipes

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I am all about wanting to eat healthier. Love how I said “wanting”? Yes, I am still try to get the hang of eating healthier and cutting out sugar (I have a terrible sweet tooth) but one thing I am struggling with letting go is Cherry Coke. I mean, it’s delicious so can you blame me? So to try to get my “fix” I’ve rounded up some of the best Delectable Cherry Coke Recipes around. If you like Cherry Coke too, you will thank me!

14 Delectable Cherry Coke Recipes

  1. Learn how to make a homemade cherry coke right from your own kitchen.
  2. Okay, these cherry coke cupcakes look amazing!
  3. Make a cherry coke sorbet, the kids will love it.
  4. Wow, I never thought of making cherry coke brownies!
  5. I love the idea of these cherry coke float cupcakes!
  6. These cherry coke cupcakes take such little time to make.
  7. This sounds amazing, cherry coke jello! I would love to make this. 14 Delectable Cherry Coke Recipes Featured
  8. Would you try these cherry coke jalapeno meatballs?
  9. I would totally eat this cherry coke chicken, wouldn’t you?
  10. What about this chocolate cherry coke cake? Can you say YUM!?
  11. Here’s another awesome recipe for cherry coke cupcakes. Dig in!
  12. Love these cherry coke popsicles. They will be great during those hot summer days!
  13. These cherry vanilla coke floats sure float my boat!
  14. This chocolate cherry cake looks dreamy!

14 Delectable Cherry Coke Recipes2

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