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30 Day Family Floss Challenge (Plus Free Printable Floss Calendar)


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DenTek for SponsoredTweets. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are thinking that you and your family need to floss more, you will want to participate in the 30 Day Family Floss Challenge and I’ve even got a totally cute Free Printable Floss Calendar below to make it easier! Check out the importance of flossing along with more information on the challenge below. 

Why is flossing so important? 

Flossing is important to your daily routine for many reasons. Here are some fun facts:

  • Flossing daily can decrease the chance of getting gum disease.
  • Flossing helps remove food and bacteria in between teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach.
  • Flossing daily can decrease bad breath.

What is the 30 Day Family Floss Challenge?

DenTek® is hosting a 30 Day Family Floss Challenge from December 26 – March 31. During this time, you are encouraged to floss daily but wait, there’s more… Each day that you floss, you can track your journey by taking a family selfie with those super flossed teeth and post your photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. When you post your photo, tag @Dentek and use hashtag #FamilyFlossChallenge to be entered to win awesome prizes! The cool thing is, you can Join the 30 Day DenTek® Family Floss Challenge and even snag a coupon and download another calendar from the DenTek® website. Disclosure: No purchase necessary to participate or win. Visit for official rules and more info.

How to Get Started

  1. Print the 30 Day Family Floss Calendar Here or Here (two options to choose from, why not print one for each family member?) You can also click the images below.
  2. Head to Walmart and pick up your favorite DenTek® products including: DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers and DenTek® Triple Clean Floss Picks. And you know with Walmart’s everyday low prices, you won’t have to splurge on ensuring your family has great oral hygiene. 
  3. Get home and start tracking your flossing experience. Snap pictures and post your photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. When you post your photo, tag @Dentek and use hashtag #FamilyFlossChallenge
  4. You’ll have a great smile and be entered to win some fun prizes!

DenTek® Makes Flossing Fun and Easy

As I mentioned, you can pick up DenTek® products at Walmart but you might be wondering what makes DenTek® products different from the rest. Since 1984, DenTek® has provided innovative oral care products with advanced technology that take your oral care to the next level. Their floss picks make flossing easy and convenient especially on-the-go. Each product caters to the intended specific age group (more information below). DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers: makes flossing fun and enjoyable for children while establishing healthy dental-care habits at an early age. DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers feature a smaller head, an easy-to-grip handle, and a wild fruit flavor kids will love. Plus:

  • scrubbing floss removes food and plaque
  • small flosser head fits children’s mouth just right
  • easy-to-grip handle is tailored for child-size hands
  • tasty wild fruit flavor kids will love

DenTek® Triple Clean Floss Picks:

  • gives user 3 times the cleaning action in one floss pick
  • flossers scrub between tight teeth, stimulates gums, and removes food and plaque
  • textured pick deep cleans between teeth and stimulates gums
  • tongue cleaner fights bad breath with minty flavoring
  • strong floss is guaranteed not to break, even when used between the tightest teeth
  • has advanced fluoride coating

Don’t wait another day to get started on your 30 Day Family Floss Challenge. I cannot wait to see all those beautiful and healthy smiles!

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