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5 Things to Always Buy at Costco If You See Them

Costco is a treasure trove for bulk shoppers, offering a vast range of products often at unbeatable prices. While everyone has their favorite items to stock up on, there are some products that seem to stand out as exceptional deals or fan-favorites.

I’ve gathered 5 Things to Always Buy at Costco If You See Them so keep your eye out for these Costco hidden gems on your next visit!

exterior of costco store

If you’re a regular Costco shopper you know, Costco typically offers unique items at crazy good prices you can’t find anywhere else.

That is why, any time I am able to find certain items at Costco, I know it’s time to stock up. Part of the thrill of shopping at Costco is you never know what you’re going to find and when you’re going to see it again.

Luckily, these 5 items typically get placed back in stores on a regular basis (some items are seasonal) so when you see them, snag them before they are gone!

5 Things to Always Buy at Costco If You See Them

Giant 10-Foot Blanket: One of Costco’s newest and most popular items is their Giant 10-Foot Blanket that your entire family will love. They release new prints for different seasons so make sure you grab one! These make great gifts too!

Holiday Pasta: Another fan favorite is the Costco holiday pasta’s. These are typically released a month or so before a major holiday. For example, Halloween pasta is released in August/September and includes orange and black festive Halloween pasta. The one below is the Christmas pasta. It makes a fun and inexpensive dinner for families.

Toys: Costco is one of the best places to get incredible deals on toys. From LEGOs to dolls, they have something that will fit everyone’s budget. While they do keep toys year-round, the best toys and toy deals are found closer to the holidays. For example, these Cabbage Patch Dolls are typically less than $20 and are super popular during the holiday shopping season.

Kirkland Toilet Paper: Now, I know you remember in 2020 when toilet paper was a hot commodity. Well, that is why, you should always grab yourself a pack of Kirkland Toilet Paper. In my honest opinion, it is the BEST toilet paper. It lasts a long time, is soft and absorbent. When it goes on sale, it’s the perfect excuse to stock up!

Kirkland Cheese Flight: In case you didn’t know, Costco sells cheese flights and they typically sell than faster than they can stock them on the store shelves. These cheese flights change regularly with a variety of different cheeses. Perfect for the holidays and any charcuterie boards.

So, there you have it – my top 5 Costco items that I suggest you always grab when you see them. They are hot items that not only come with quality, but they are often better for your wallet and budget too!