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7 New Holiday Items to Grab at Dollar Tree Now Before They Are Gone

As the holidays near, the hunt for affordable treasures is on, and there’s no place like Dollar Tree to snag some festive deals.

From sparkling décor to craft supplies perfect for DIY gifts, Dollar Tree is a winter wonderland for those who delight in celebrating without breaking the bank.

But don’t wait — these items are not only merry and bright but also supremely popular. So, I’ve gathered a list of 7 New Holiday Items to Grab at Dollar Tree Now before they vanish like snowflakes in a thaw.

exterior of dollar tree store

If you haven’t been to Dollar Tree for holiday items, you should know that their holiday collections seem to get better and better every year. Honestly, this year is no exception.

And yes, while it still may be October, Dollar Tree already has their Christmas collection available in-stores. They have a ton of new items that are selling like hot cakes so, if you see them, grab them before they are gone because chances are, they won’t be restocked before the holidays.

exterior of dollar tree

7 New Holiday Items to Grab at Dollar Tree Now Before They Are Gone

Gnomes: I am sure you have seen people make DIY gnomes using Dollar Tree supplies but this year, Dollar Tree actually has premade Gnomes (that are great quality too) for just $1.25! These are much more at other retailers like Hobby Lobby.

christmas gnome at dollar tree

Christmas Floral: While Dollar Tree has Christmas floral every year, I am blown away at the Christmas floral this year. It is so pretty and expensive looking. Honestly, this year’s quality looks like it came from somewhere like Hobby Lobby and you cannot beat the price of $1.25.

christmas floral at dollar tree

Color Changing LED Ornament: This is one of my favorite new items this year… Dollar Tree is selling a new silver color changing LED ornament. These would look so cool on Christmas wreath or Christmas tree.

color changing led ornament at dollar tree

LED Candy Cane Yard Stakes: I was really excited when I found these!! Walmart sells these exact ones for around $10 per 3 pack (which makes each one $3.33) and Dollar Tree is selling these for $1.25. I promise you, these won’t last long!

led candy cane yard stakes at dollar tree

Cinnamon Scented Pinecones: These sell for so much more at places like Hobby Lobby and Home Depot so I was really excited to find bagged Cinnamon Scented Pinecones at Dollar Tree and they smelled so good!

Side note: You can make your own DIY Cinnamon Scented Pinecones if you wish!

bag of scented pinecones at dollar tree

Christmas Cards: All the good Christmas cards go fast so opt for grabbing them (and stick them in a place where you’ll remember where they are). I found tons of great Hallmark Christmas Cards including Money/Gift Card holders.

holiday cards at dollar tree

Mini Christmas Projectors: The kids will love these fun Christmas themed mini projectors. Each one projects a really cool Christmas theme onto your ceiling. I found 3 different designs including a Santa, a snowman and Santa’s sleigh with reindeer.

So, as you can see, Dollar Tree has all the holiday magic in stores now so make a mad dash over in your sleigh to grab all the holiday goodies before they are gone!

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