Costco Will Give You Free Groceries In Exchange For Your Old Electronic Devices. Here’s How It Works.

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It should come to no surprise that groceries are one of the biggest expenses for households today. While you can certainly budget, coupon, buy in bulk and even shop sales, how amazing would it feel to receive free groceries?

My guess is, I have your full attention now.

Well, lucky for you and I, Costco has a program that will give you free groceries in exchange for your old electronic devices and it may be the best thing since sliced bread.

front of costco store

How to Get Free Groceries from Costco

Costco has an electronic device trade-in program in partnership with Phobio that will give you a Free Costco Shop Card in exchange for your old devices.

A free Costco shop card = Free groceries and household items.

free costco groceries earned through trade-up program

All you need to do is begin by searching your house for old electronic devices. The two main requirements are: they must be working devices (power on, etc.) and you must own the device (it cannot be stolen).

From there, you go onto the Costco Trade-Up Program website and follow the prompts. It will ask you for your devices serial number, a few questions and then give you an estimate of what you can receive for that device.

costco trade up program banner

If you decide to accept the offer, the program will provide you with a pre-paid mailing label so you don’t even have to pay for shipping!

Costco accepts a variety of electronics, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming systems so, if you have some just sitting and collecting dust, put them to some use and get those free groceries.

old electronic devices being sent to costco

Once your device is received to the program, inspected and processed, you’ll receive a Costco Shop Card or a Digital Costco Shop Card loaded with the trade-in value within 7-10 days.

You can then use that Costco Shop Card to shop at your local Costco for groceries, household items, gas and even at the Costco food court. May I suggest the Costco Pizza? YUM!

costco pizza

You can visit the Costco Trade-Up Program here for additional details on how to get Free Groceries in exchange for your old electronic devices.

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  1. Is it required to have a membership in order to take advantage of this program? I am interested in this deal, but I don’t have a membership.

    1. I do not believe so. I do know for sure, you can shop at Costco using the Costco Shop Card without having a membership. I’d check the terms and conditions on the page where you input your devices to be sure you don’t need a membership to qualify.

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