Quick & Easy April Fools Pranks to Do on Kids

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April Fools’ Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to have a lot of fun with your family. If you’re looking for some Quick & Easy April Fools Pranks to Do On Kids, you’ve come to the right place!

collage of april fools day pranks to play on kids

When is April Fool’s Day?

April Fools Day always falls on the first day of April. In 2023, April Fools Day falls on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

Quick & Easy April Fools Pranks to Do on Kids

Googly Eyes

Place googly eyes on everything in the fridge or pantry to give the impression that the food is watching them.

You can simply buy a bag of googly eyes online or at Dollar Tree and use glue or double-sided sticky tape to attach them.

googly eyes april fools prank to play on kids

Brussels Sprout Suckers

Okay, this one is a bit mean (not really) but also hilarious… make brussels sprout suckers.

You just need some lollipop sticks, some brussels sprouts and some wrapping paper or some sort of wrapping. Simply stick the stick into one end of the brussels sprouts and wrap them.

The look on your kids face will be priceless!

brussells sprouts april fools day pranks to play on kids

Fake Bug

Put a fake bug in their bed, on their pillow or on top of their food (just be sure to remove it before they eat) to give them a good laugh.

You can even stick fake bug toys inside shoes and pockets of clothing.

My kids always like to put fake spiders around my things in the house. It also startles me since I am so afraid of spiders. Ha!

fake bug april fools day pranks to play on kids

Drops of Food Coloring

Add drops of food coloring to a carton of milk, glass of water or even the toilet bowl to make it appear to be a different color. It will totally make the kids giggle.

colored milk april fools day pranks to play on kids

Candy Grapes Prank

Wrap grapes in small pieces of aluminum foil and tell your kids they are candy!

candy grape april fools day prank to play on kids

Glued Cereal Spoon Prank

Glue a spoon to a cereal bowl and stick cereal inside for breakfast. Kids will get a kick out of the stuck spoon.

You can also take this one step further and freeze milk and cereal so the entire bowl of cereal is stuck!

frozen cereal april fools day pranks to play on kids

Jello Drink Prank

Take your kids favorite drink and add Jello or plain gelatin to the mixture and put in the fridge.

The gelatin will turn your child’s drink into a solid, jelly drink totally faking out your kids!

jello drink prank

Brown E’s

Cut out the letter “E” several times from brown construction paper and put it in a cake or brownie pan covered with aluminum foil.

The next morning, your kids will think you baked them brownies and will be tricked when they open the pan up and see the fake “Brown E’s” inside.

See a full tutorial from Taunie Everett here.

Rubber Band Toilet Paper

Take several rubber bands and wrap them around the roll of toilet paper. It’s a fun and silly prank that will make your kiddos laugh when they go to use the bathroom (just have another roll of toilet paper ready to use.)

rubber band toilet paper april fools day pranks to play on kids

Draw A Spider on Toilet Paper Roll

This one is a super easy April Fools Idea – take a black sharpie or marker and draw a spider somewhere on the toilet paper roll and then roll it back up.

Your kids will be in for a fun and shocking surprise when they go to use the bathroom.

hand drawing a spider on toilet paper for fun april fools day prank

Bubble Wrap

Place a sheet of bubble wrap under a rug, doormat or even a small piece under the toilet seat. The next person to step on it or sit on it, will be surprised by the popping sounds.

hands popping bubble wrap for april fools day prank

Sponge Cake

Cut a small piece of a sponge to look like a slice of cake and cover it with cream cheese, peanut butter or frosting to make a “sponge cake” for snack time.

See the full tutorial from Aww Sam here.

cake made from sponges for april fools day prank
Aww Sam

Oreo Cookie Toothpaste Prank

Replace the cream filling in Oreo cookies with toothpaste for a funny prank and give them to your kids for a “treat” ha!

You can do this with any cookie that has white filling!

toothpaste inside cookies for fun april fools day prank

The best part about these April Fool’s Day pranks is that they’re easy to do and can be adapted in different ways to suit different times of the day.

For example, you could put brussels sprouts in a bag of gummy worms for an afternoon snack prank.

girls pranking their dad

If you have older kids who are heavy sleepers, you could set their cell phone or alarm clock to go off at different times throughout the night. Or, you could switch the letters on the keyboard for a fun activity that’ll also confuse them.

switching keyboard keys prank for april fools day

Remember, these April Fool’s Day pranks should be harmless and not cause any emotional or physical harm to your family members. It’s a great way to come together as a family and have a lot of fun.

Good luck and have a happy April Fool’s Day!

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