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Easy Elf On The Shelf Departure Ideas (Ways to Say Goodbye)

It is almost Christmas Eve which means it’s almost time to say goodbye to our scout elves until next year. Luckily, I’ve put together a list of Easy Elf on The Shelf Departure Ideas that make the perfect ways to say goodbye.

elf reading a christmas book

It seems like it was just yesterday that we welcomed our family elf from The North Pole.

But all good things must come to and end and it’s almost time for our favorite elf on the shelf antics to come to an end so they can report back to Santa.

These creative ideas will make elf departures easier and so much fun.

elf sitting on white table

What day does elf say goodbye?

The holiday tradition is that the elf’s departure is on December 24th (Christmas Eve) when they fly back to the North Pole following Santa’s sleigh. This is so they can help him begin preparations for the next year.

Easy Elf On The Shelf Departure Ideas

Goodbye Letter: You can start with an easy idea such as an elf departure letter. I made a Free Printable Letter for you HERE.

elf goodbye letter

Elf’s Return Ticket: Create a pretend ticket for the elf’s journey back to the North Pole. You can make it look official and leave it next to the elf on its last day.

Christmas Eve Box: Leave a small gift such as toys or sweet treat with a short note. Basically, it’s a Christmas Eve box the kids can open as a fun way to say goodbye until next Christmas season.

Photo Album: Make a small photo album or scrapbook with pictures of all the places and poses the elf has been in. Present it as a keepsake for the children.

Elf Breakfast: Host a special breakfast on the elf’s last day, with themed treats like red and green pancakes, and have the elf seated at the table. These Elf on The Shelf Pancakes are great for that!

elf on the shelf pancakes on plate

Countdown Calendar: Create a countdown calendar leading up to the elf’s departure, with each day having a small note or treat from the elf.

Elf’s Gift: Leave a small parting gift from the elf, like a Christmas ornament or a holiday-themed book, as a memento of this year’s visit.

Magic Dust: Sprinkle some ‘magic dust’ (glitter) around the elf on the last morning, signifying its return to the magical world.

Elf Selfie: Have the elves draw on your bathroom mirror using chalkboard markers so kids can take an “Elfie” as a reminder for all the magical fun this holiday season. You could even leave a disposable camera.

elf yourself on bathroom mirror

Goodbye Party: Throw a small goodbye party with family, including decorations and a special place for the elf, to bid a festive farewell.

Bedtime Story: On the last night, read a special bedtime story about elves or the North Pole, making the storytime a farewell ritual. You can even have the elves leave a new Christmas book to read.

Farewell Craft: Engage the kids in making a craft, like a small sled or a scarf for the elf, which can be left as a parting gift for their little friend.

collage for ideas to say goodbye to elf

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