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Dollar Tree Elf on The Shelf Props You Need to Buy Now Ahead of The Holidays

Get ready to sprinkle some holiday magic into your home with these Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf Props!

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to prepare for those Elf on The Shelf shenanigans and lucky for you, I’ve gathered my favorite Dollar Tree Elf on the Shelf props you need to grab now, ahead of the holiday season to avoid them being gone!

elf on the shelf with dollar tree props

Whether you’re a seasoned Elf on the Shelf enthusiast or a newcomer to this beloved holiday tradition, you’ll want to check out delightful assortment of budget-friendly props available at Dollar Tree.

From creative accessories to enchanting miniature items, these affordable finds will help you create memorable moments and keep the holiday spirit alive in your household.

Trust me, once you see these items, you’ll be running to your local Dollar Tree store to grab these items.

Keep in mind all of these items can be found at your local Dollar Tree in the toy aisle. Select varies by store.

elf on the shelf with dollar tree props

Dollar Tree Elf on The Shelf Props You Need to Buy Now Ahead of The Holidays

Fashion Doll Career Outfits: Dollar Tree has an assortment of doll outfits. While these traditionally fit the Dollar Tree dolls, many of these are big enough to fit your Elf on The Shelf to change up their clothing during your Elf on the Shelf setups!

doll clothes at dollar tree

Mini Furniture Pieces: Since Dollar Tree carries dolls, they also carry dollhouse items such as mini furniture pieces. I’ve found mini chairs, mini couches, a mini toilet, mini dresser, mini bathtub and even a cute mini vanity.

I’ve also found outdoor furniture sets too like an umbrella, grill, pool, kayaks and wave runners.

Kitchen Play Sets: Pretend your Elf is cooking up a storm with these fun Kitchen play sets from Dollar Tree. There are a ton of different options and there are even fake food you can grab too!

Doctor Play Sets: I’ve found several different doctor play sets and even dentist play sets that would be perfect for Elf’in around.

Mini Board Games: If you get lucky, you can find a ton of mini-board games that will make perfect setups for your elf. I found mini Uno cards, mini pool tables, mini checkers, and even mini Monopoly and Sorry games too!

Fake Money Play Sets: This is typically found down the school supply aisle near the items for teachers but you can grab fake coins and fake money to play with your Elf on The Shelf.

Mini Musical Instruments: I’ve found some cute mini guitars and flutes. Your elf can create their own band and then leave a musical instrument toy behind for your kids!

Building Blocks: LEGOs are a great way to build something creative that your elf makes for your kids. Dollar Tree sells their own version of LEGO’s including the building blocks and base plates.

So, now that you have an idea of props you can grab at Dollar Tree for your Elf on The Shelf, make sure you grab these items way before the holiday season. I am sure as we near closer, these items will sell out fast as parents everywhere are preparing for the Elf on The Shelf tradition.

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