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You Can Get $30 Worth of Valentine’s Items for Free at Walmart Right Now. Here’s How.

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and if you still have yet to get that special someone a special something, I’ve got you covered.

But if you’re thinking – “I don’t have an extra cash to spend on Valentine’s Day decor or gifts right now”, don’t worry, I got you.

Right now, you can get $30 worth of Valentine’s items for Free at Walmart right now!!

$30 could be enough to get you some cool decorations for your romantic dinner at home or even grab and inexpensive gift for the one you love.

And hey, if Valentine’s Day isn’t your jam, this deal works on St. Patrick’s Day items and Easter items too!

Now, keep in mind, you will need to shop online for this deal and you will need to follow my steps exactly or this deal won’t work!

And for those wondering, this is NOT A SCAM. It is legit and it’s a cash back website I use ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve been a member since 2018 and have earned over $3,000 already from my online purchases (see the screenshot below).

It’s free and easy to use and it gives you cash back on your online purchases moving forward.

If you don’t trust me, Google it yourself and you’ll see a ton of articles and info about them.

The $30 is a one-time sign-up bonus for joining their website. From there, you can just shop online at your favorite stores and earn cash back every time you shop.

You will end up paying $30 out of pocket initially but within 15 days you’ll receive $30 cash back making your online purchase at Walmart free (or cheap depending on how much you spend).

Now, there is a catch though, you will need to shop within certain categories.

Eligible categories include:

Arts, Crafts, Cricut & Sewing, Automotive, Baby & Kids Apparel, Baby Gear & Nursery, Beauty, Books & Magazines, Electronics, Furniture, Hardware & Tools, Home, Jewelry, Shoes & Accessories, Kitchen & Dining, Office Supplies, Patio & Garden, Party & Celebration, PetRX first-time purchases over $35, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Sports & Fitness, Toys, Media & Gaming, Women’s & Men’s Apparel.

Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on Apple products, Beats products, Bikes, Household Essentials, Diapers, Gift cards, Groceries, Orders deemed by Walmart to be for reselling purposes, Pharmacy, Precious Metals, Tires, Video Game Consoles, Video Game Hardware or Walmart+ Memberships.

So, that means Valentine’s Day decor and some gift items qualify because they are under the “Home” category! This is a crazy awesome deal.

How to Get $30 of Valentine’s Day Items For Free at Walmart Right Now

Step 1 – Use THIS LINK to sign-up for a free Rakuten account. It’s an easy process and doesn’t cost you anything.

You MUST use the link above to get the deal or it won’t work! Also, this is for new members only. If you have an existing account in your household, it won’t work.

Step 2 – When you are logged into Rakuten, search for “Walmart” then click the link they give you. This is IMPORTANT! If you don’t click the link from the Rakuten site, your order won’t be tracked and you won’t receive the $30 cash back.

Step 3 – Shop online at Walmart. You can do the free Walmart pickup as well. Place your order as usual (as long as you clicked the link from the Rakuten website). Again, if you are shopping for Valentine’s decorations or gifts, make sure your total is a minimum of $30.

Step 4 – Rakuten will email you once they’ve processed your order for the cash back. You will then receive a check or PayPal within 15 days of your first purchase. Make sure your info in your profile including your PayPal info and mailing address is correct so you can receive your $30!

That’s it! You will get $30 back for spending $30 at Walmart making any Valentine decorations or gifts FREE or cheap (depending on how much you spend).

Now, the catch is, this is only going on through March 31, 2024. So, make sure you sign-up and complete a $30 purchase before then.

However, you can share this deal with your friends and family. Just make sure they sign-up using their own email to get the deal. If they sign-up under you, you also get $30!!

Note: You can get an extra $30 back if you have your friends and family sign-up from your referral link. Under your profile click the “Refer & Earn $30” button and there will be a unique link you can copy. Once they sign-up through your link and make a $30 purchase, you get $30 too!!

Happy Shopping and I hope this $30 back really helps your budget right now!!