Important Things to Remember When You Move

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There is so much to remember when moving house that it’s not surprising that some things end up forgotten. However, forgetting the vital things listed below can be disastrous when going through the process of moving home. Keep reading to find out what they are so you don’t make the mistake of forgetting them! 

You may need an in-between property 

Ideally moving house means going from your old property to your new one. However, sometimes the vacancy of your new home does not match up with when you need to be out of your old one. This can create a real problem because it means you don’t have anywhere to stay! 

The good news is there are some options that you can consider including staying with friends, family or in a hotel. All of which works best if you have only a short amount of time in between moving into your new property. 

However, if you have a longer duration before your new property will be ready then finding a short-term let, or in-between property can work well. Just remember to only unpack the essentials that you will need, and leave the rest boxed up for your final moving day. 

Moving day is exhausting 

One thing that it’s easy to forget is just how physically and emotionally exhausting a moving day can be. Happily, you can minimize the physical exhaustion of moving day by working with residential movers to transport your items from one home to the next. 

The great thing about working with moving companies is that they will do all the heavy lifting for you, loading your boxes and furniture onto their truck, and off again at the other end. This leaves you with far more energy to manage the day and start unpacking in your new place. 

You can offset some of the cost of moving by selling your unwanted items 

Moving home can be expensive, but many people forget that you can offset at least a little of the cost involved by selling items you no longer want or need. All you need to do is go through your possessions and then sell on platforms like eBay or Facebook. 

The great thing about decluttering in this way is that you’ll also end up with less stuff to move on the day, which means the whole process will be faster too! 

To update your address and other admin

Last, of all, it’s all too easy to become so preoccupied with decluttering, packing, and then unpacking when you get to your new home, that the thought of doing any admin work goes clean out of your head. 

However, there is some considerable and important admin work that needs to be done before you move. The most important of these tasks is to make sure you let all the important people and organizations know about your change of address. This doesn’t just mean your family or neighbors that you want to stay in contact with but your bank, insurance providers, and doctors as well. 

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