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The Single Best Thing To Buy at Dollar Tree In November

It is November and if you haven’t noticed, the holidays are already in full swing. With retailers stocked full with holiday items including stocking stuffers and gift ideas, it’s hard not to feel a tad-bit overwhelmed with the holiday shopping season already.

Well, don’t worry. I have The Single Best Thing To Buy at Dollar Tree In November and it’s not what you think…

dollar tree store sign

You’re probably thinking I was going to say it is some sort of toy, gift item or food item but nope it’s not…

It is actually a single roll of wrapping paper. In fact, it’s blank Grinch wrapping paper (although they have other blank character designs too) that you can color!!

As you can see in the image above, they have Grinch Wrapping Paper, Mickey & Friends Wrapping Paper and Frosty The Snowman Wrapping Paper that you can color.

The best part is, it is just $1.25!

Now, what do you do with this? Well, you can certainly wrap presents and let the kids color them.

You can also use it to wrap counters, tables, craft tables, etc. and allow the kids to color. Sort of like how some restaurants have white butcher paper on the table that kids can color with.

coloring wrapping paper bundle at dollar tree

Pair this with a box of crayons or markers and you’ve got an easy way to clean up after holiday dinner plus a fun craft idea for the kids.

Teachers can use this for holiday class parties or decorations that kids can color too!

Now, this colorable wrapping paper is a hot item at Dollar Tree so, if you want it, get it ASAP and don’t wait until December when it may be gone.

If you can find it in-store, you can purchase a 36 count box of the coloring wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree Website here.

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