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Making Remote Working A Possibility For You

Working from home or remotely is often a dream that many people don’t think can become a reality. But with over a quarter of the US workforce currently working remotely, there is every possibility that this trend is here to stay, and more and more companies are looking to support their operations by hiring those who can work off-site for any period of time.

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That being said, being a remote worker can come with its own complications. While you remove the need to commute to a daily place of work and engage with others face to face, working from a separate location can bring distractions and problems you didn’t foresee, such as an inability to motivate yourself or the temptation to stop working during your working day and adapt your hours without employers consent.

But if you feel the need for remote working could be for you, this post has some ways to make this a reality.

Start A Side Hustle

A great stepping stone to test the waters for remote working is taking on a side hustle. These days, the outsourcing sector is booming. According to Clutch, at least 37% of businesses outsource at least one function. So whether you can provide marketing or graphic design services from home on a part-time or freelance basis or offer your skills as a virtual assistant, this can be a gateway to seeing if you can make it working from home.

Online Recruitments

Finding job boards and staffing agencies that can source real work-from-home jobs can be a great way to find out what type of work is being requested by companies. Especially if you are looking to change employment from a company that doesn’t offer remote working for any reason (e.g., retail and the food industry aren’t viable options for remote working), currently, Apex Focus Group jobs are listing remote working opportunities, and a quick internet search can alert you to the opposite in a range of industries that can benefit from your particular skill set and expertise to help you find the remote position for you.

Start Your Own Business

In a nutshell, starting out on your own and being one of the 4.4 million new businesses registering each year in the US can allow you to choose where you work, how you work, and the hours you work. If climbing the corporate ladder and helping further someone else’s business doesn’t hold your attention and appeal anymore, then looking at going freelance full-time or starting a business yourself can be the next best thing. Depending on the industry and type of work you will be doing, you can potentially get up and running right away; as a freelancer, all you need is an internet connection, a place to work, and clients to work with, no capital required, while other inside you might need some cash finds to get up and to run meaning it will take some time. But if you are serious about breaking free and doing things your way, then building your own business from scratch can be best for you.

Remote working requires a focus and discipline that isn’t needed when you work in an office or set location. However, there are many benefits to remote working for both employers and employees, and more and more people are starting to see this benefit.