How to Clean Baby Toys Naturally!

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Before my youngest was born I wanted to have everything prepared way in advance in case he came early like my oldest son did. That included cleaning all those new baby toys. Since I was uncomfortable using bleach or other disinfectant cleaners, I found out How to Clean Baby Toys Naturally! The best part is, you only need 2 ingredients!

how to clean baby toys naturally

What You’ll Need to Clean Baby Toys Naturally:

  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Water

How to Clean Baby Toys Naturally:

  1. Mix 1 Cup water and 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar in a cup or spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mixture onto the toys needing to be cleaned and wipe with a rag. You can also spray directly onto a rag for items that are electronic.
  3. Once the solution is wiped, allow the toys to air dry and the smell of the vinegar will disappear.

The reason this is solution is so effective is because the vinegar contains acetic properties that kill bacteria. Since vinegar is edible and a natural bi-product of fruits and vegetables, it also makes it safe for your baby since they will most likely be chewing and biting on the toys. It’s an all around natural and effective way to clean baby toys!

Tip: If you truly do not want any of your toys to smell like vinegar at all, you can add a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil to the bottle for a nice, clean, and fresh scent!

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  1. Amazing tip! I have 2 sons. I usually use just boiled water. Actually I boi plastic toys for a few minutes. It is absolutely natural way of cleaning. Greets!

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