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Dinner Party Tips for a Memorable Evening

It can be fun to get dressed up and head out to a restaurant with friends and family, but let’s be honest — those outings can be expensive. And with many people keeping a closer eye on their finances than ever before, it’s not something that you can realistically expect to do on a regular basis. But does that mean that you have to settle for zero dining experiences with friends? Absolutely not. 

A more affordable — and often more fun — option is to host a dinner party at your own property. It requires more work than going to a restaurant, but they’re usually more memorable. Or at least it will be memorable if you follow the top tips we outline below!

Give Plenty of Notice

Have a dream team of guests you’d like to have at your dinner party? Then don’t keep the invite list to yourself. It’s dangerous to assume that your friends and family will automatically be available on the evening that you want to host your dinner party. It’s much more logical to let them know as early as possible, so they can put it in their calendar. You’ll only host a dinner party every now and again, so you’ll want all your nearest and dearest friends and family to be there!

Considerate Menus

If you’re going to invite your friends around for a fancy dinner, then you’ll need to put together a fancy menu. This is your chance to put your cooking skills to the test and challenge yourself to make a course of dishes that is truly delicious. Keep in mind that there’s a high chance that one or more of your guests has specific dietary requirements; do you need to pick up some lactose free cheese for your sister-in-law? Is there a way to make your main dish vegan for your best friend? Some people will eat any dish that’s put in front of them, but it’s best not to put them in that position. 

Fancy Cocktails

Your dinner party can be about more than the food you serve! It’s also recommended to go all out with the drinks, too. Nothing will get your dinner party off to the best possible start than a fancy cocktail. It lets your attendees know that this isn’t a normal get-together; this is a special occasion. 

Inviting Spaces

You should also go the extra mile to create a restaurant-worthy environment in your home. This is much easier than many people realize, especially if you have a standalone dining room. You’ll just need to put together some atmospheric lighting (low brightness side lighting and candles), a nice tablecloth, and maybe a centerpiece, and you’ll have a cozy and intimate space. 

Board Games and Interesting Questions 

Finally, think of the fun activities you can do during and after dinner. A board game always goes down well, as do some dinner party questions. It’ll help to set this dinner apart from other gatherings — plus, you’ll get to know each other a bit better.