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Dino Nugget Elf on The Shelf Idea

If your kids love dino nuggets as much as mine do, this Dino Nugget Elf on The Shelf Idea is easy and fun! Trust me, your kids will get a huge kick out of it!

Dino Nugget Elf on The Shelf Idea

Last night our elves dug into the deep freezer to grab some dino nuggets so they could then leave this fun surprise for our kids…

It is the dino nugget elf on the shelf idea that you just have to do this holiday season!

The letter reads:

“Dad and Mom bought these for you to EAT, but how could you? Their little faces are so SWEET!
Sprinkle the magic dust over the nuggets before school…
And then come back later and it will turn into something COOL”

Now I cannot take the entire credit for this. I saw someone post it online and now I cannot find it. But it was too cute and I had recreate it!

So, we just added (3) dino nuggets on a plate with our elves and the letter nearby.

We then got these mini glass vials and filled with red and green sanding sugar sprinkles for the “magic dust”. You can also use glitter but I figured that’d be awful to clean up.

In the morning, allow your kids to sprinkle the nuggets generously and when they get back from school, they will see the dino nuggets have grown into giant dino nugget pillows!

The look on my kids faces was priceless and now they are convinced the magic dust will turn all food into giant food – oops!

You can get the Free Printable Dino Nugget Letter Here.

Give this fun idea a try and let me know how it goes!

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