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DIY Minecraft Creeper Banner

You could say our house is starting to look a bit like a world in Minecraft. With my son’s recent love for all things Minecraft, I decided to decorate his room a bit with this DIY Minecraft Creeper Banner I came up with!

DIY Minecraft Creeper Banner

It’s too bad Minecraft doesn’t make home decor items and party supplies because my son’s room would be completely redone by now. In some sense it’s not such a bad thing since I can be creative with what I make.

Now before I share how I made this, I want to mention that you can make this banner entirely out of the same color of green cardstock or you can mix it up like a did. As you may know, the Minecraft background is tiled with several different green tints so you can make it a bit more true by using different shades of green cardstock. For my tutorial, I used 2 different greens.

Ready to learn how to make this? Check out the tutorial below and stick around for more fun Minecraft crafts to come!

DIY Minecraft Creeper Banner

Supplies needed:

minecraft creeper banner supplies


  1. Open your silhouette studio software and use the rectangle tool to create the “box” of the minecraft creeper. I made mine 3.557″ x 3.556″ in size.minecraft creeper in silhouette
  2. Duplicate the boxes so you have as many as you can cut on one page. I fit 4. Cut these squares out on your green paper. If using 2 different greens, repeat this step then proceed.inprocess1
  3. Search for a Minecraft Creeper Silhouette in Google and save it to your computer. Then upload that image into your silhouette software. For ease, you can actually merge the image to place inside the boxes from step 1 so you can ensure the creeper is the right size when cut.
  4. Delete the boxes so all you have left is the creeper image. Again try to place as many of the faces as you can on one page.creeper in silhouette
  5. Trace and cut the creeper faces on your black cardstock. inprocess2
  6. Start gluing the creeper face to the green squares using your craft glue. Don’t worry if it gets messy because the glue dries clear so you won’t notice when the project is completed.inprocess3inprocess4
  7. Once you’ve completed all the creepers it’s time to start gluing the creepers to the jute. You can also use duck tape to adhere the string to the backsides of the creepers.inprocess5
  8. Hang up and enjoy!

minecraft creeper banner2


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India Estes

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

I don't know much about mine craft but I still think that's a cool way to make a banner. Thanks for the idea and I hope your son loves it! :) #HomeMattersParty