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Dollar Tree is Selling A New Item That is A Total Girl Scout Cookie Lovers Dream

If you are a fan of the Dollar Tree and Girl Scout Cookies, listen up!

Dollar Tree is selling a hot new item that is a total girl scout cookie lovers dream! Seriously, your hot chocolate or coffee is about to be taken up a notch.

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As you may know, Dollar Tree offers new items weekly and this week, they have a new item that thin mint cookie fans are going to go crazy over…

Dollar Tree is now selling Girl Scouts Thin Mints Dark Chocolate Spoons!!

Now, you may be wondering what these are used for and I’ll tell you…

You can take these chocolate spoons and mix them in a warm cup of milk to make a minty, chocolatey flavored milk.

You can also melt them in a cup of hot cocoa.

You can even melt them in a hot cup of coffee.

Seriously, these are SO GOOD.

These would even look great on a holiday dessert table or hot cocoa charcuterie board. The possibilities are endless!

The point is, at $1.25 for a 3-pack you cannot pass these up.

But hurry, my local store was already almost sold out of these so run to your local Dollar Tree to find them (I found mine in the front in the seasonal isle of candy).