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Dollar Tree Fans Are Going Wild Over This Hot New Item That Costs Way More at Walmart and Target

With the holidays approaching, there is so much talk about what the holidays actually look like this year. It’s no secret that the cost of everything this year has skyrocketed so, for many, the Dollar Tree is looking like a good place to grab holiday items on a budget.

While I’ve shared 11 Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers to grab now and 5 Dollar Tree items worth buying ahead of the holidays, there is a hot new item you need to run and grab before it’s gone…

front of dollar tree store

Dollar Tree fans are going wild over the new gingerbread house kits that come with everything you need to build your own gingerbread house for the holidays and with good reason!

These kits cost just $1.25 and include:

  • (2) Pre-baked Gingerbread house cookies
  • Ready to use icing
  • Sugar pearls and confetti
  • Sprinkles
gingerbread house kit at dollar tree

Now as you can imagine, these Dollar Tree Gingerbread House Kits are a hot item and have gone viral on social media.


Simply because they are great quality and where else can you get a gingerbread house kit during the holiday season for under $2?

gingerbread house kits at dollar tree

For price comparison, gingerbread house kits at Walmart cost $6-$30. Gingerbread house kits at Target cost $6.00-$25.00. Costco’s gingerbread house kit is $19.99.

So, Dollar Tree’s gingerbread house kit at $1.25 is a total steal! At this price, you can afford to get a kit for everyone in your family or even throw a gingerbread house making party for the holidays!

You could even get some your child’s class holiday party!

gingerbread house kits at dollar tree in basket

These Dollar Tree Gingerbread House kits are not sold online so make sure you check your local Dollar Tree store to find them. I found mine in the front where the holiday/seasonal items are displayed.

front of dollar tree store

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