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Easy Sunflower Cupcakes with Homemade Frosting

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The sun has been coming out a lot more lately and heating things up. To celebrate, I made these cute and easy Sunflower Cupcakes!

easy sunflower cupcakes

These cupcakes are so fun to make. I am big on color and I just love how vibrant the yellow frosting looks against the black oreo. Isn’t it so cute?

Although these make look difficult to make, they are indeed quite easy. You just need the right frosting tip (I mention the one I used in the recipe below) and a steady hand. Everyone will be in awe over these cupcakes! I am thinking these would be a fun treat to serve at a barbecue this summer or even a baby shower. I sure hope you will give them a try!

Supplies Needed for Easy Sunflower Cupcakes:

  • 1 box white cake mix (plus required ingredients listed on the box)
  • 24 Mini Oreos
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 4 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 4 tablespoons milk
  • Yellow Food Coloring for Sunflower Petals
  • Green Food Coloring for Sunflower Leavessunflower-cupcakes-ingredients

How to Make Easy Sunflower Cupcakes:

  1. Prepare cake batter according to box directions and bake in cupcake pan using liners.
  2. While cupcakes cool, make frosting. Start by using an electric mixer to beat butter until light and fluffy.
  3. Gradually beat in confectioners’ sugar until fully incorporated. Beat in vanilla extract. Pour in milk and beat for an additional 3 minutes.
  4. Place two cups of white frosting in a piping bag and add a single layer of frosting to each cupcake. This will be the base for the sunflower.sunflower-cupcakes-inprocess1
  5. Place one Oreo in the center of each frosted cupcake – pressing down slightly.
  6. Mix yellow food coloring in remaining frosting until you reach desired shade. Optional: Omit a few tablespoons of white frosting and add green food coloring to create leaves on the sunflowers.
  7. Place yellow frosting in a piping bag. I used Wilson’s Leaf Tip #67 for the petals and leaves. Turning the cupcake as you go, create a single layer of yellow flower petals surrounding the Oreo.sunflower-cupcakes-inprocess2
  8. Start again with a second layer of yellow flower petals to fill in the spaces between the petals on the first layer.
  9. Optional: place the green frosting in a piping bag and use the same tip to add a couple of leaves to each sunflower.
  10. Serve and enjoy!

easy-sunflower-cupcakes featured

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