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“I Love You Because” Flower Pot Craft (Perfect for Mother’s Day)

With Mother’s Day nearing I wanted to come up with a fun and creative craft. This “I Love Your Because” Flower Pot Craft is the perfect way to show mom how much you appreciate her.

I love you because flower pot craft

A few weeks back I was thinking about how I could use my chalkboard cardstock I received from DCWV and then it hit me! Why not a craft that can be used over and over again? And that is when this flower pot idea came to mind! Although I say this is perfect for Mother’s Day, it can actually be a craft for any occasion and it makes a great gift! The best part is, the reasons as to why you love someone can change since you can just erase the chalk and start over again. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Aside from the chalkboard cardstock, I found all the necessary supplies at my local Dollar Tree so it’s very inexpensive to make. I sure hope you will give it a try!

“I Love You Because” Flower Pot Craft

Supplies Needed:

I love you because craft suppliesAdditional Supplies Needed:


  1. Open your silhouette studio software and visit the store.  Purchase and download Design #18020 (this is the Daisy I used).
  2. Open the design and click “ungroup” so the two images can be separately cut. (I deleted one image cut it, then clicked “undo” and deleted the other image then cut to make things easier.)
  3. Resize the circle to 1.912″ x 1.912″ (like shown below).inprocess1
  4. Cut the circle onto your yellow cardstock. If you plan on having your silhouette write the middle saying “I Love You Because” you will want to do it during this step so it’s perfectly written onto the circle. I suggest writing the text with your silhouette pens first then cutting the circle.inprocess2
  5. Resize your flower image to 7.068″ x 7.177 “. Then cut on your chalkboard cardstock. inprocess3
  6. Glue your yellow circle onto the middle of your flower. Allow to dry.inprocess4inprocess5
  7. While your flower is drying, wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick you have chosen. You can wrap it loosely like I did or wrap it tightly.inprocess6
  8. Attach your stick to the back of your flower. I used clear tape but you can also use craft glue.
  9. Place your wet foam into the bottom of your flower pot (like shown) then place your stick into the foam.inprocess7
  10. Dump your black sand over the top of the foam filling the flower pot entirely. inprocess8
  11. The last thing to do is to add your “I Love You Because” message to the middle of the flower and the reasons to the flower petals using chalk!


Hope you enjoy this fun craft as much as I do!

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Kristen from The Road to Domestication

Monday 18th of May 2015

This is so simple and so cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing it at the #HomeMattersParty - and for being a fantastic co-host!

Angela McKinney

Friday 15th of May 2015

What an adorable craft! Happy to be co-hosting with you at #HomeMattersParty