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‘Skelly on The Belly’ Is The Latest Halloween Tradition

Move over Elf on The Shelf, we are embracing the Halloween spirit this year with Skelly on The Belly which is a fun new tradition to play with your kids throughout the month of October!

This spooky little skeleton will keep you on your toes as it moves around your home, providing fun and laughter for the whole family.

skelly on a belly on a light

What is Skelly on The Belly?

Skelly on The Belly is the latest Halloween tradition. It takes place the entire month of October. It involves moving a small skeleton around your home as you would with Elf on The Shelf during the holiday season. You can have your skelly doing all sorts of mischievous and spooky things and you’ll have skelly doing something different each night.

You would traditionally do this from October 1st – October 31st each year.

Want to take it up a notch? Tell your kids the skeleton is haunted! I told my kids it was Casper the friendly ghost!

skelly on a belly on top of spider

Why is it called Skelly on The Belly?

Well to be honest, finding words that rhyme with “skeleton” is hard. Skeleton on the Pelican was the best I had ha!

So, instead, I decided to call it “Skelly” and the word “belly” rhymed with it. In case you didn’t know, belly is often to describe the underside of an object, such as the “belly of a plane” or the “belly of a ship” which is why I thought the word worked best. So, the word belly could mean literally the underside of anything in your house (and of course, it doesn’t have to be under something, it’s just a fun rhyme).

skelly on a belly on a mantel

What You Need to Play Skelly on The Belly

I wanted to use a super posable skeleton and I found this pack of 2 on Amazon that have moveable joints making the entire experience even easier! I ordered them and they are fantastic!

You can also totally start with a skeleton from Dollar Tree. Plus, there are so many items from Dollar Tree you can use to create little scenes with your skelly that make the entire experience fun.

And keep in mind, any items you use for Elf on The Shelf, you can use for your Skelly on a Belly.

skelly on the belly sitting on a mantel

What can I use besides a Skeleton?

Although the Skelly on a Belly uses a skeleton, other ideas you can do include:

  • Ghoul on a stool
  • Ghost on a post (I just came up with that idea)
  • Jack on a Rack (uses Jack Skellington posable)
  • Bat on a mat (use a small posable bat or bat toy)
  • Spider on a Cider (position a tiny spider toy on cider bottles or cups around your house)
  • Pumpkin on a Bumpkin (place a tiny pumpkin on a small, rustic, or country-themed object or figurine aka a “bumpkin”)
  • Broom in a Room (hang a mini broom on the door of different rooms in your home)
  • Owl on a towel (Place a small owl figure on different towels in your home, perhaps in the bathroom or kitchen)

How to Introduce Skelly on a Belly to Your Kids

Start by getting a skeleton and then print this Free Printable Skelly on a Belly Letter I made. It is the perfect way to welcome the skeleton shenanigans in your home.

Capture the Memories

Take photos of the places your Skelly has been and share them on social media with hashtag #SkellyontheBelly. I’d love to see the creative and spooky ideas you come up with!

So, are you ready to invite a spooky little skeleton into your home? Indulge in the Halloween festivities with Skelly on The Belly, and remember, it’s all about fun, creativity, and keeping the Halloween spirit alive!