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Tips For Making The Most Of The Space In Your First Home

When you’ve just moved into your first home, it’s exciting deciding what you’re going to do with the space and how you’re going to style it. A truly pivotal moment in your life, it’s a time you’re never going to forget. Yet as with many things in life, you might not get exactly what you’re looking for and have to change and adapt. Perhaps you’ve found somewhere that isn’t quite as big as you like – as is often the case with your first home. Luckily, all is not lost for there are many tips to make the most of the space you do have. Keep on reading to find out more. 

New flat with round table, white chairs and open kitchen

What are some things to consider when purchasing your first home? 

There is something so exciting about purchasing your first home and it’s a feeling you won’t ever forget. This is the home that will start the foundations of everywhere else you live going forward. Remember that your first home doesn’t tend to be your forever home so if it doesn’t quite look as perfect as you might imagine, don’t worry too much about it. Things you want to ensure it has, is that you feel safe, it’s a space you could see yourself living in (or making your own!) and that it’s at a price you want. 

If you’re renting, consider what changes you will and won’t be allowed to make and if it’s a property you’re buying, think about how much money you need to spend to do things up such as the decor and the different changes it might need. By having these things in mind, you’re sure to make better decisions about the sort of property you move into and what to do with it when you’re there. As we detail in this post, while your first home might not be huge, by making smart decisions and being savvy with your storage solutions, it doesn’t need to feel like a smaller property than you might get otherwise. In fact it can be a very well organised space.

What are some tips for moving day?

Once you have your first home all purchased (or the rental confirmed) and moving day rolls around, you’re going to want to be as organised as possible. By doing this, you can ensure the day goes without a hitch and you’ll just be able to enjoy the beginnings of your new life. Some of the top things we recommend you go ahead of moving day to be as organised as you can includes:

  • Having childcare and pet care sorted so you don’t need to worry about what your kids or furry friends are up to when you’re trying to move home
  • Have all your boxes ready and labelled to move
  • Ensure any furniture is dismantled and ready to go in the removal van
  • Check what time you can get into your new property and allow time for delays on the roads
  • Have a box ready with items you can eat and drink when you arrive, including your kettle, tea and coffee, biscuits and juice. These can really come in handy when you’re shattered from all your moving efforts!
  • Keep all your valuables close by – it can be easy to misplace things such as your phone or car keys with so much chaos going on
  • Have enough people recruited to help you. This could be friends, family or perhaps you’ve hired a removals firm to assist. The last thing you want is to not be able to get everything moved as you don’t have enough time in the day!

What are some top space saving tips in your first home?

When it comes to space in your first home, chances are it won’t be the largest property you’ll ever own in your life. With this in mind, you want to be smart about your storage choices to ensure you fit everything you want in your home without it being too cramped. 

Invest in furniture that is multi-functional

One of the first storage solutions you can do is to get furniture in your home that’s multi-functional. You could opt for a black sectional sofa for example, as this can adapt to fit any sort of space and always look great. You could also get a sofa bed that will work for hosting guests that stay round your house, coffee tables with built-in storage compartments and a dining table that could also be used as a desk. Make sure if you’re doing this that when you get your dining chairs, it’s something that will be comfortable enough to sit on all day long.

Think of clever storage solutions

When it comes to the storage in your home, think about how to make the most of it in the space you have. You can install shelves vertically, look into wall-mounted cabinets and put up some floating shelves. By having storage that is vertical as opposed to horizontal, you can keep your items such as books and decor items beautifully displayed while also looking great. They’re a fantastic way to add some personality to your home and not take up too much space either. It’s a win win! 

Look for foldable furniture

Foldable furniture is another great way to have all the items you need in your home but also being able to pack them away when they aren’t being used. You could get collapsible chairs that can fold flat and be stored in a cupboard, a foldable dining table that collapses down into a console table, as well as wall mounted desks. This is a great storage solution for those that work from home as it can create plenty of room to get your tasks done during the day, but also not be imposing when the evening or weekend rolls around. If you’re really tight for room, want to create as much space as you can, or perhaps are in a studio apartment, you could also look into a Murphy bed. These are beds that fold up into the wall and can really create a look of extra floor space. 

Rotate your wardrobe

You would be surprised at just how much space your clothes and shoes can take up at home when it is quite unnecessary for them to do so. One of the best ways to save space with this is to look into rotating your wardrobe. When it’s summer, pack away your items such as thick jumpers, trousers and boots and look to vacuum pack these and store them away, perhaps under an ottoman bed or even under a normal bed. Then when the next season rolls around, swap them and do the same again. Getting rid of things such as bulky coats and jumpers can leave you with so much more space to store all your other items and also just to keep organised and be able to find what you’re looking for. 

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space

Another part of making space in your home, can be to create the illusion of space. While you might be following all the above storage tips to the max, it’s important to know that you can still make your space feel that bit larger. Invest in some large mirrors that can really change the way your house feels, allowing more light in and creating the illusion there is much more room than there actually is. It’s a good idea if you place these opposite windows so you can really make the most of the natural light that floods in and make the space feel as bright and open as possible. 

Have a declutter 

When moving out, it can be tempting to bring absolutely everything with you as you just don’t know what you’ll need, particularly when going into your first place. You might have a lot of childhood items and clutter that you want to bring with you. We suggest having a sort out before moving into your property, but once this is done, having another one when you get unpacked and are settled in. By this point you’ll know what items you used and what you don’t, what has been placed in a cupboard and not touched since and what things you can get rid of. Having a good declutter can make plenty of room for new items and things you want to store without you having to create additional storage solutions for them all to be kept in. 

These are just a few top ways you can make the most of the space in your home. When it comes to utilizing the room you have, you want to ensure you’re smart with your storage solutions and don’t waste any space. By being clever with what you do, you’ll be able to fit a lot more in your home and not worry about losing items too! What are some top tips you have for making the most of space in your first home? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.