Twizzlers Fireworks Treats

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With the 4th of July nearing I really wanted to come up with a fun and unique treat to serve to guests. I came up with these Twizzlers Fireworks Treats!

Twizzlers Fireworks Treats

Disclaimer: I cannot say for certain that these with NOT cause an explosion in your mouth. An explosion of flavor may occur. Eat with caution.


Okay now that we got that out of the way, I want to share with you how exactly you can recreate these edible and delicious fireworks treats. Don’t worry if you eat a few because Twizzlers are a low fat snack, as they say! 😉

Ingredients Needed to Make Twizzlers Fireworks Treats:

twizzlers fireworks treats supplies

How to Make Twizzlers Fireworks Treats:

  1. Grab one of the Twizzlers and carefully peel each strand off so you will have individual strands of the candy.
  2. Break each long strand in half. You are actually going to need 3 blue pieces for this project. twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess1
  3. Grab a lollipop stick and the red strand. Firmly press one end of the red strand onto the stick to “adhere” it to the stick.  twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess2
  4. Wrap the red strand around the stick leaving a space in between wrapping (like shown below).  twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess3
  5. Grab the white strand and wrap it around the same way but this time wrap it into the open gaps of the stick so it’s wrapped between the red strand. twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess4
  6. Take your first blue strand and press the middle of the strand firmly against the top of the stick so it adheres like shown below. twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess5
  7. Repeat step 6 on the opposite side.
  8. Take your last blue strand and place it over the top again pressing firmly until it sticks to the other strands of candy. It will give the appearance of a firework! twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess6
  9. Repeat this entire process until you’ve made your treats for your gathering!
  10. You can place these into a cute jar and allow guests to enjoy these sweet and explosive treats! twizzlers fireworks treats inprocess7

I am sure your guests are going to love these!

Twizzlers Fireworks Treats Featured

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