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17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee is probably the one thing I cannot live without. Between blogging (working) late at night and getting up early to care for my boys, it’s the one thing that powers me through my day. I love the fresh smell of coffee in the morning and I am always so saddened when I throw away the used coffee grounds because all I can think about is that they deserve better! And it’s finally time I figured out how to put them to use so today I am sharing 17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds.

17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

  1. I never thought about using coffee grounds in my homemade soap.
  2. I love this use for coffee grounds as a body scrub and hope to do it soon.
  3. Why not use used coffee grounds as garbage disposal cleaners?
  4. Can’t wait to try these coffee ground candles soon.
  5. Wow, I would never have thought about this Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub!
  6. Now this is pure coffee grounds genius! Using it to avoid blossom rot in your plants.
  7. Okay, you can even make an air freshener using coffee grounds. What next?17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds2
  8. You can use coffee grounds in multiple ways around your home.
  9. This spring– use coffee grounds in your garden!
  10. I’ve never thought about using dried coffee grounds as home decor, but anything is possible.
  11. Soften your body with coffee ground body scrub.
  12. Make kitchen soap out of used coffee grounds.
  13. Wow, you can even age your paper with leftover coffee grounds.
  14. I had no idea you could do all of this with coffee grounds.
  15. I never would have considered these ways to use coffee grounds.17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds2
  16. You can use coffee grounds to stain wooden furniture. Wow!
  17. Very unusual ways to use coffee grounds, but I love them all.17 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds4

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