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Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas

Looking for budget-friendly and creative Easter basket ideas? Look no further than Dollar Tree! With their wide range of affordable and festive decorations, candies, and toys, you can create a fun and personalized Easter basket without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking to create a basket for kids or adults, Dollar Tree has everything you need to make this Easter a memorable one.

I’ve put together some of the cutest Dollar Tree Easter basket ideas that are sure to delight your loved ones and make your holiday celebrations extra special. All without being a budget buster.

collage of dollar tree easter basket ideas

Dollar Tree Easter Items

If you haven’t ever shopped at Dollar Tree for Easter items, you are missing out.

Dollar Tree has some of the best and cutest Easter items that only cost a $1.25 and that is a steal when you consider the price at other retailers.

dollar tree easter isle

Tips for Shopping for Easter Items at Dollar Tree:

  • Easter/season items are located at the front of the store.
  • Take your time to seek out name brand items such as name brand candy and toys those are the best tasting and highest quality items.
  • Take the time to put together your Easter baskets in the store to ensure it all fits.
  • Use filler items in other areas of the store such as the toy isle, beauty isle and even Dollar Tree’s extensive candy isle.
  • Choose age appropriate items (I’ve found most Dollar Tree items have age recommendations on them).
  • You can shop for your favorite Easter items at Dollar Tree online too!
dollar tree easter isle

Easter Items I Always Buy at Dollar Tree

I will say, the majority of Easter items at Dollar Tree are worth the cost.

With that being said, here are a few Easter items that I always buy at Dollar Tree…

Name Brand Candy

Anytime I can find name brand candy including Easter chocolate, I get that instead of the off brand. I find it typically tastes better and my kids enjoy it more.

This year, I found several name brand Easter chocolates like these Fruity Pebbles and Rice Krispies kind.

dollar tree easter candy

Plastic Easter Eggs

Dollar Tree has some of the most unique and cutest plastic Easter eggs.

This year they have quite a few new egg designs too like look at how cute these car eggs are, love the dinosaurs and these adorable mermaid clamshell ones!

Easter egg dyeing kits

One of my favorite finds are these Easter egg dyeing kits and they even have themed ones too!

dollar tree easter baskets

Easter Baskets

Let’s be honest, unless you are really good about reusing the same baskets every year, spending more than $1.25 is a total waste. Kids break the baskets or they get lost so, I stick to the dollar store for Easter baskets.

Plus, they have a ton of different colors, sizes and designs to choose from.

Easter Grass

I tend to skip the Easter grass (to help the environment) but if you use it, get it from Dollar Tree.

This year, I actually found Peeps Easter Grass that actually smells like Peeps marshmallows. It smelled really good through the package!

Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas

Now that you know of some great Easter items to grab at Dollar Tree, I’ve taken the time to put together some quick Easter basket ideas for you below.

Dollar Tree Easter Basket for Baby

For the baby in your life, I found some adorable items such as:

  • Sesame Street Book
  • Sesame Street Hair Brush/Comb Set
  • Sesame Street Baby Bottle
  • Disney Baby Binkies (they had a ton of different characters)
  • Small Duck Plushie
  • Sesame Street Teething Toy
  • Easter Bucket

Total Cost: $8.75 + tax.

baby easter basket idea

Dollar Tree Easter Basket for Toddler

For the toddler in your life, I used several of the same items as the baby basket but switched out the bottle for a sippy cup. I also added some chocolate and some bath fizzies.

  • Sesame Street Book
  • Baby Shark Bath Fizzies
  • Sesame Street Sippy Cup
  • Easter Bunny Chocolate
  • Small Duck Plushie
  • Sesame Street Teething Toy
  • Easter Bucket

Total cost: $8.75 + tax.

toddler easter basket idea at dollar tree

Dollar Tree Easter Basket for the Sports Fan

With Spring being around the corner, Dollar Tree has a ton of cute items for the Sports fan in your life. They even have adorable sports themed Easter Baskets.

  • Foam Football
  • Baseball Bat with Ball
  • Lacrosse Play Set
  • Sports themed eggs (can stick small candy, toys, or even money inside)
  • Sports Easter Bucket

Total cost: $6.25 + tax.

sports easter basket idea at dollar tree

Dollar Tree Easter Basket for Teen Boy

I’ll admit, the teens were a bit harder to put something together for at Dollar Tree but then I decided, practical gifts can be great.

For the teen boy Easter basket, I went fun and practical. I used a mix of personal hygiene items, candy and a fun Nickelodeon Slime Bath Bomb I found.

  • Easter basket
  • Power Stick Spray
  • Gillette Razor
  • Shaving Cream
  • Ring Pops
  • Nickelodeon Slime Bath Bomb

Total Cost: $7.50 + tax.

teen boy easter basket at dollar tree

Dollar Tree Easter Basket for Teen Girl

For the teen girl Easter basket, I sort of did the same thing but I found several cute beauty items.

  • Easter Basket
  • Gillette Women’s Razors
  • Shaving Cream
  • Bath Salts
  • Pedicure Set
  • Kendall + Kylie Makeup Bag (yes, The Kardashians)
  • Loofah
  • Electronic Case (holds headphones)
  • Gel Beads Eye Mask

Total cost: $11.25 + tax.

teen easter basket at dollar tree

And I threw together one last idea that could be perfect for a friend’s child, neighbor or whoever.

It just has a few items such as chocolate, Peeps, a stuffed Easter animal and some fun LEGO plastic eggs that were adorable.

dollar tree easter basket idea

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