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The Best and Worst Days To Shop at Dollar Tree

Ah, Dollar Tree, the beloved store where everything is just $1.25. It’s a shopper’s paradise for snagging deals on everyday items, gifts, seasonal decor, and even snacks.

But as with any popular retail outlet, there are peak times when shopping can become a less-than-pleasant experience due to crowds, depleted stock, or long lines at the check-out.

So, coming from someone who shops Dollar Tree frequently, I am going to share The Best and Worst Days To Shop at Dollar Tree During The Week.

front entrance of dollar tree

Just like how all Dollar Tree locations are not created equal, all days of the week are not created equal in terms of finding the best items at your local store.

With that being said, I’ve been shopping Dollar Tree for years and I visit on a regular basis. At this point, I’d say that I am familiar with the best times and days to visit Dollar Tree to find the best stuff!

The Best and Worst Days To Shop at Dollar Tree During The Week

The Best Days:

Tuesday Morning: Many regulars swear by Tuesday mornings. Why? Because most Dollar Tree stores receive their shipments early in the week, often on Mondays. By Tuesday morning, shelves are usually freshly stocked with new products, giving you the first pick at the latest and greatest deals.

Wednesday Afternoon: This is another sweet spot during the week. The weekday crowd is generally thinner compared to weekends, and with restocking done, it’s a prime time to enjoy a less chaotic shopping experience.

For my local stores, I find that Wednesday’s are typically the days my local Dollar Tree receives bread and donut deliveries like this:

Thursday Midday: The midweek lull continues, providing a good balance of stocked items and fewer shoppers. If you’re on the hunt for specific items, this is a great window.

Pro tip: Go before kids are out of school and before people get off work to avoid the crowds.

The Worst Days:

Saturday Afternoon: Weekends, particularly Saturday afternoons, are the busiest for most retail stores, including Dollar Tree. You’re more likely to face long lines, crowded aisles, and potentially picked-over merchandise.

Sunday Morning: While you might think that early Sunday mornings would be quiet, many people rush to the store after weekend chores or before Sunday obligations. Additionally, after a busy Saturday, the store might not have had a chance to fully restock.

Friday Evenings: This can be hit or miss. With people stopping by to grab last-minute items for the weekend or after getting their paycheck, it can get hectic.

Tips for a Better Shopping Experience:

  • Go Early or Late: No matter the day, early mornings or just before closing are often quieter times.
  • Ask About Delivery Days: Shipments can vary by location. It doesn’t hurt to ask the local store when they usually receive deliveries to plan your shopping around fresh stocks.
  • Avoid First of the Month: Many people receive monthly checks around the first, leading to higher footfall at discount stores like Dollar Tree.
  • Items arrive weekly. Keep in mind that new items arrive to Dollar Tree stores weekly so you’ll want to check back at least once a week.

While the above patterns generally hold true for most locations, each Dollar Tree store can have its unique rhythm. Your best bet is to get a feel for your local store’s flow, or even strike up a conversation with an employee or two. They’ll likely have insider knowledge about the best times to visit so you can always have the best shopping experience!

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