Here’s The Single Worst Item To Buy at Dollar Tree This December

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As the festive season approaches, shoppers are flocking to stores like Dollar Tree in search of bargains and budget-friendly holiday items.

While Dollar Tree is renowned for its vast array of products all at the tempting price of just a dollar, not every deal is as good as it seems.

This December, there’s one item on the shelves of Dollar Tree that stands out as the worst purchase you could make. So, today I am sharing with you the single worst item to buy at Dollar Tree in December.

When it comes to preparing for Christmas morning, you may be seeing social media posts encouraging you to create a “Christmas Morning Survival Kit” which is made up of items to help make Christmas morning easier.

This basket includes things like trash bags, scissors, mini screw drivers, tape and of course, batteries. Ya know, things that can make opening presents and cleaning up after, easy.

And that is exactly what I want to talk about today – the Dollar Tree batteries. In my opinion, they are the single worst item you can buy.

While it may seem like $1.25 is a steal for batteries, these batteries are actually more expensive in the long run simply because they do not last as long.

In fact, over the years, there have been many studies on the longevity of batteries and overall, the studies have found that the top 3 battery brands are Duracell, Energizer and Everready.

None of these brands Dollar Tree actually sells.

Even experts say that the batteries you can buy at dollar stores are lower quality, Kiplinger reports. Wired also reported that dollar store batteries had less of a charge.

Aside from their longevity, consider the environmental impact constantly changing batteries can have.

Overall, you are better off paying a few dollars more to get quality batteries that last longer. You can even consider getting rechargeable batteries that way you aren’t tossing batteries into the garbage regularly.

So, this December consider skipping the Dollar Tree batteries to put into stockings or gift with toys and opt to spending a bit more for high-quality batteries that will last for years to come.

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