What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) at Dollar Tree

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Navigating the aisles of a Dollar Tree can feel like a thrilling treasure hunt. With each item only costing one dollar and twenty-five cents, it’s hard not to toss everything that catches your eye into your cart.

But not all that glitters is gold—even at such bargain prices. While there are true gems to be found, some items might leave you feeling less than satisfied.

So, what are the best buys, and what should you steer clear of on your next trip to this budget-friendly oasis? I’ve gathered an entire list on What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) at Dollar Tree. Prepare yourself for some surprising revelations that will optimize your dollar-store adventures!

What to Not to Buy at Dollar Tree

First, let’s start with the what not to buy items at Dollar Tree.

Now, the reasons I would not buy any of these items at Dollar Tree is because they tend to be poor quality and you can typically find them cheaper elsewhere.

Electronic Items

I don’t know about you, but cheap electronic items always make me think it’s going to start a fire. While that may not be the actual case, the items overall do not last long so it’s basically one of those “you get what you pay for” type of scenario.

Bottom line – skip the Dollar Tree Electronic items and buying better quality items elsewhere.

Any fragrances, candles or aromas

Let me just start with saying, I am sensitive to scents and fake fragrances and tend to get headaches. With that being said, I am someone who will NEVER buy anything from this small section at Dollar Tree.

Most of these candles, wax melts, incense burners, etc. are made with artificial scents and chemicals we cannot pronounce.

The only exception here is the glass candle holders. They do tend to have cute ones here.

Baby Items

With a few exceptions, I would not personally buy baby items at Dollar Tree.

My reasoning is this, baby products tend to have a lot of recalls, can be choking hazards, etc. and I wouldn’t want to risk getting any cheaper items for my baby that could be a potential hazard.

A few things may be okay such as washcloths, and baby wash but for things like bottles and pacifiers, I would rather purchase a reputable brand from a major retailer that would alert me for recalls.

I would say, use your best judgement in this area.

What to Buy at Dollar Tree

Now, you’ve heard me talk about Dollar Tree many times and I will say, the majority of the store is worth buying. After all, you can’t beat $1.25 for something.

With that being said, these items are what to buy at Dollar Tree if you spot them.

Name Brand Items

Okay, sometimes Dollar Tree is a gold mine with items. They do often sell name brand items but you have to really take the time to look.

Any time you can find a name-brand item, it’s typically a steal. The only exception here is if it is a trial/travel size, it’s typically not worth the money.

For example, I found this EAD Body Wash. It sells for $9+ online. I found two scents each just $1.25 (these were full-size too).

Party Supplies

One of my favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree is party supplies.

From greeting cards to table cloths to hanging party decor and everything in between, Dollar Tree has everything to make sure your party is a success on a budget, of course.

I don’t think there is a single thing in this area I wouldn’t buy.

The Dollar Tree gift bags are an excellent deal, candles, and I even love these plastic containers. I paid so much more for mine when I had baby showers!

Hair Accessories

Dollar Tree hair accessories are on point. I have found so many name brand items so I would take the time to look through these for sure!

Painting Supplies

Okay, unless you are a professional painter, I would totally purchase painting supplies at Dollar Tree. This alone could save you so much money when repainting your home.

Overall, there are far more things you should buy at Dollar Tree versus what you shouldn’t buy at Dollar Tree.

If you take the time to walk the isles, you’ll find hidden gems that are completely worth the price you pay at Dollar Tree.

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  1. LawandaKennedy says:

    I am a faithful, dependable,natural, excited,emplyee @ a dollar tree in the United States.. Before we can sell anyone or anything. We have to make the whole shopping experience a humble and appreciated experience! Here is my little way of making them shake their heads and say I like her, keep her. I greet them with Hi did u find everything you needed today? And then I would say. Yhea and some. They then say is everything okay with you today? I would say yes, I am glad to be apart of the Dollar tree team. I will ring their things up. I will take the time to wrap whatever breakable product they may have. And I always double bag. And they really appreciate that. I love working @ the dollar tree. And no matter what time or what day. If I am not at the job. They can always trust in me to come in ane perform my job and little extra too. And the store I work at we are a family. Also it is the$1.25 Tree, $3.00 Tree, and the 5.00 Tree! Let me tell you some things that I know people will love! The eyelashes that activate when you dab a small amount of water, the flashlight that say try me, oh what about the stir fry, steak, pork chops. The only thing I can’t find is a loaf of bread. I hope this helped. Thanks

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