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Clean and Natural Dollar Tree Products You Should Give A Try

When it comes to shopping for affordable household items, Dollar Tree is a popular destination for many. However, finding clean and natural products at Dollar Tree can sometimes be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top Clean and Natural Dollar Tree Products that are not only affordable but also effective.

From household cleaners to personal care items, these products are free from harmful chemicals and are a great option for anyone looking to live a more natural lifestyle without breaking the bank.

So, make sure you check out our top picks for clean and natural Dollar Tree products that will help you keep your home and body healthy and happy!

How to Find Clean and Natural Products at Dollar Tree

Now, you may be wondering how you can find clean and natural products at Dollar Tree and I am about to let you in on my secret – it’s an app called Yuka.


What is the Yuka app?

Yuka deciphers product labels and analyzes the health impact of food products and cosmetics. You simply scan the barcode of a particular item and it will give you a rating of either poor, good or excellent.

Yuka App

If an item scans poor, it will give you recommendations of the same type of item that is better for you.


I literally use this app every day of my life and typically only buy items that rate good to excellent because I want to avoid additives, fillers and harsh chemicals as much as possible.

Honestly, this app has truly opened my eyes to how many things are just horrible for us.

Poor is usually anything under 50. 50-77 is typically considered “good” and anything 78+ is typically rated as excellent.

How much is the Yuka app?

Yuka costs as little as $10 a year for their premium version which allows you to scan an unlimited amount of items a month. I personally subscribe to it because I 100% believe it is worth it.

You can download the Yuka app in your app store now.

With all of that being said, I used my Yuka app in Dollar Tree to find products that were clean and more natural. Here’s what I found…

Clean and Natural Dollar Tree Products You Should Give A Try

Palmer’s Moisture Boost Protein Pack

I love these especially in the winter months when my hair is so dry. These scan good at 50/100.

If you need to add a little moisture to your hair, this is a fantastic find.

Salt Range Himalayan Pink Salt Nasal Inhaler

If you are stuffed up in your nose or need some relief from a cold, this natural nasal inhaler is a great option.

It scans 86/100.

ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Balm

This lip balm is made with 100% natural Argan oil and eucalyptus mint. It has aloe vera and Omegas 6 & 9.

Oh and the best part? It scans 100/100 on yuka making it a great buy.

Bath & Beauty Micellar Water

I use micellar water every night to help clean off my makeup and love it. While I use a name brand one, once my bottle is gone, I will be using this one.

This is gentle on the skin and scans at 93/100. Plus, it’s only $1.25 per bottle.

AromaGuru Roll-On

This is one of those TikTok viral items that you have to really look hard for since it’s typically sold out.

It is made with sweet almond oil and essential oils. It’s great for soothing tired muscles, aches, pains and even headaches.

It also comes in a few different scents such as lavender.

It scans 100/100.

Absorbine Plus Pain Relief Back Patch

These patches are great for back pain and these are name brand, so such a great price.

These scan 90/100.

bPure Nipple Balm and Belly Balm

These are great items for expecting moms (perfect for a mom-to-be gift basket).

These are both made with coconut oil, shea butter and are fragrance free.

Both scanned 100/100.

Relief Soothing Oatmeal Bath Treatment

If you have dry, itchy skin, due to a rash, sunburn, etc. this soothing oatmeal bath treatment is perfect for you.

Just start a bath, dump it in and soak.

This scanned 100/100.

White Mountain Epsom Salt

This particular brand of epsom salt is the one you want to use for tired, achy muscles or just to relax in while taking a bath.

It scanned 100/100.

Natural Artisan Soaps

If you are looking for more natural soaps that won’t dry out your skin, these brands are all great options.

All of these scanned excellent due to their natural properties. They all scanned at 93/100.

Almond Vanilla and Almond Original Milk

If you drink almond milk, you know that it can be quite expensive.

Well, this shelf-stable almond milk at Dollar Tree comes in sweetened, and unsweetened flavors.

Both scan excellent at 72/100 (vanilla) and 78/100 (original).

Aquarelle Antibacterial Travel Wipes

These wipes are perfect for traveling and can be put inside your car, purse and diaper bag. They have the package and mini wipes.

Both scan excellent at 79/100.

So, make sure you head to your local Dollar Tree to find some more natural and clean products without breaking the bank.

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