Dollar Tree is Changing Prices Back to $1 for Hundreds of Items. Here’s What We Know.

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Dollar Tree used to actually stand for nearly everything in their stores being $1.

However, a few years ago, Dollar Tree raised their prices to $1.25 to accommodate for supply chain issues and to help combat inflation.

And now, Dollar Tree is changing prices back to $1 for hundreds of items! Here’s everything we know…

We all know that $1 used to go further especially when it came to shopping at the Dollar Tree and even though they only raised their prices by $0.25 each, it impacted millions of budgets.

The good news is, that dollar will begin stretching further thanks to Dollar Tree’s plan to roll back hundreds of items back down to that $1 per item price.

A few weeks ago, the plan was announced to investors during a conference call from Dollar Tree’s CEO.

“It’s pretty hard to have a banner like (Dollar Tree), and you have an item that everybody else has at $1, and you’re at a buck and a quarter” 

Dollar Tree CEO Rick Dreiling

Dollar Tree’s chief merchandising officer Rick McNeely said Dollar Tree will now have about 300 to 400 products return to its original $1 price structure.

This even includes bringing back eggs that were previously pulled from stores when costs skyrocketed earlier this year.

So, when is this happening? We have no firm date. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started seeing items in your local stores priced back down to $1.

Now, keep in mind, this is not for every item in the store. Many items will remain at the $1.25 pricing.

Also, Dollar Tree Plus stores will have items priced at $2, $3, $4, $5 and up depending on the items being offered.

As of right now, we have no idea exactly which items will be taking a price cut but it will be exciting to see it happen.

So, what do you think? Will this change have you shopping more often at your local Dollar Tree? I know I will be!

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  1. I also forgot to add, the price went up to $1.25 but so many of the taxable items have shrunk in half so if you need to buy more it can often be more than a drug store if comparing weight or volume price

  2. I used to shop Dollar Tree almost every week. Now maybe every 6-7weeks. The extra 25 cents added up not only because it is a quarter but also my states sales tax which is 6.25 percent Making each item (except no sales tax for food in my state)Roughly $1.32 per item so it really does add up fast.

  3. 25 cent increase on a dollar is a 25 percent increase. Same as if you had been paying 100 dollars for a coat but now you pay 125 dollars. If you bought all your groceries at dollar tree, then food inflation equals 25%. And we complain about 7.6% increase in inflation and supermarket prices? We don’t look at it that way because it’s just a small amount. So for each 100 dollars you spent at dollar tree when prices were $1 (just a short time ago) you now spend 125 dollars!

  4. Changing the prices it’s good news for customers

  5. Sandy Wolfe says:

    Yep. I quit buying a lot of stuff there because I could get it for $1 at other stores which then made me not go there at all not wanting to make two trips. Maybe I’ll try them again. Maybe not…….

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