Dollar Tree Secrets Everyone Should Know

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If you have ever wondered how you can stretch your dollar further at Dollar Tree, say no more.

Today, I’m revealing some insider Dollar Tree Secrets that everyone should know.

Some of these tips will help you save more money at Dollar Tree while others will help you pass on items at Dollar Tree that can help you with overall savings elsewhere. The bottom line is, don’t head to Dollar Tree again without being armed and ready with these secrets.

Dollar Tree Secrets Everyone Should Know

Items are typically smaller in quantity

While Dollar Tree is a great place to shop if you’re working with a tight budget, it can also be a place you end up paying more in the long run. I say this because, many people don’t realize that items are typically sold in smaller quantities.

For example, Dawn dish soap. It’s typically sold in a trial size (which won’t last as long) where you could pick up a much bigger bottle for $1-2 more that will last you a lot longer.

Dollar Tree accepts coupons

I am still surprised when I talk to someone that doesn’t know that Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons.

I’ve personally used coupons before that ended up resulting in a free item or an item I ended up paying just pennies for. So, it’s worth checking those Sunday newspapers for coupons.

Dollar Tree hosts customer appreciation events

Not many know about this because it’s not always advertised but typically one day out of the year, Dollar Tree hosts customer appreciation events in their stores.

During this event, customers can save 10% off purchases of $10 or more. You can use this sale to stock up on your favorite Dollar Tree items and get them for even cheaper!

Dollar Tree allows Shopping Online for Bulk Purchases

Did you know you can shop online at It’s a great way to buy items in bulk, especially when you need a large quantity of a single item for parties, events, or projects. Some items even have smaller quantity requirements which makes shopping online even better.

Dollar Tree sells Rare Toys

Okay, story time – one day I was browsing the toy isle at my local Dollar Tree and I always check the Hot Wheels cars for my kids.

Well, a man next to me began looking through them and as I watched him, I realized he was buying multiples of certain ones. I asked him what he was doing and he went onto explain that he buys rare Hot Wheels toys from Dollar Tree and flips them for a profit online.

He said Dollar Tree is known for getting rare toys you can collect or sell more for cash. So, it’s worth checking the toy isle every time you visit!

Dollar Tree Releases Seasonal Items Early

I know it seems crazy to be shopping for Halloween decor in July but yep – Dollar Tree releases seasonal items early.

Typically, Dollar Tree releases seasonal items 1-2 months in advance prior to a holiday. However, it does seem lately, they’ve been releasing seasonal items 3 months in advance. For example, in my store, 4th of July items were available in March/April.

So, make sure you plan ahead for those major holidays and shop early for the best stuff.

Dollar Tree Has a Weekly Ad

Okay, did you know that Dollar Tree has a weekly ad? This is a great place to know what Dollar Tree in your area is going to have that week.

Now, sometimes Dollar Tree won’t have the items listed in the ad, but it’s a good way to see what is supposed to be stocked at your store.

Not all Dollar Tree’s are Created Equal

One of the biggest best kept secrets about Dollar Tree is, they are not all created equal.

Here in Utah, I am lucky enough to live within the driving distance of about 10 different stores and let me tell you – each and every store is different. Different items, different organization, different vibes.

With that being said, one of my biggest tips is, visit Dollar Tree’s in your area often and you’ll quickly learn which are the best Dollar Tree stores in your area.

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