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11 Grocery Items To Always Buy at Dollar Tree

Chances are, your groceries are one of your biggest expenses and if you’re looking to save in the New year, this is for you!

Dollar Tree has a ton of great grocery items that you should always buy. Not only are they delicious, but at just $1.25 each, these items can amount to a massive savings on your monthly grocery bill.

Here’s my favorite list of 11 Grocery Items To Always Buy at Dollar Tree (and items you may want to consider stocking up on).

front exterior of dollar tree

When it comes to shopping for groceries at Dollar Tree, you really have to know what you’re looking for and take the time to look down each and every isle. You’d be surprised by the items they carry!

While you can certainly save on groceries using coupons at other retailers, Dollar Tree makes it easy to shop on a budget without clipping coupons or waiting for items to go on sale simply because everything is already $1.25!

So, here’s a list of grocery items I always buy at Dollar Tree…

dollar tree store exterior

11 Grocery Items To Always Buy at Dollar Tree

Bread – Dollar Tree sells bread but many don’t know that Dollar Tree actually sells name brand bread – bread that is typically $4-$6 per loaf at other retailers. I like to grab several of these and then freeze them until I am ready to eat them. Oh and this includes english muffins, bagels and donuts too!

bread at dollar tree

Coffee Creamer – If you are in a pinch, are traveling, or just like this coffee creamer, Dollar Tree sells Splenda creamer. These exact ones are sold for $3-$4 at other retailers making them a steal (plus, they are shelf-stable).

splenda creamer at dollar tree

Seasoning and Spices – If you need to spice up things in your life (see what I did there?) then Dollar Tree has got your back. They have tons of seasoning and spices to add to your spice cabinet. I’ve even found the Red Lobster Seafood Seasoning there!

red lobster seasoning at dollar tree

Condiments and Sauces – Dollar Tree has a vast selection of condiments and sauces. You can make everything from bbq chicken to homemade spaghetti. Lots of name brands to choose from too!

sauces at dollar tree

Eggs – Eggs have finally come down in price but if you are looking to save more or want less eggs, Dollar Tree has finally brought back eggs. Many locations offer 6-18 counts in the refrigerated section so it’s worth checking!

eggs on the shelf at dollar tree

Energy Drinks – I have to say, I am so impressed with the energy drinks selection at Dollar Tree. I’ve found everything from Bucked Up Energy Drinks to Bang! to Alani energy drinks. These are all a great price!

energy drinks at dollar tree

Coffees – Just like with the energy drinks, Dollar Tree has an amazing selection on coffees. My favorite has to be the Alani Coffees (these are super popular) and you cannot beat the $1.25 price!

alani coffee at dollar tree

Drink Mixes – If you are looking to consume less sugary drinks and more water, drink mixes are the way to go. Dollar Tree has a ton of options to choose from but the most popular (and most bang for your buck) is the Sunkist Orange Peach Mango mix. SO YUM!

drink mixes at dollar tree

Protein Shakes – Protein Shakes can be quite expensive so I am really excited to see these at Dollar Tree. I’ve found several name brands but my favorite so far are these Alani Fit Shakes. They have several different flavors too.

protein shake at dollar tree

Baking Mixes – Feeling the itch to bake? Well, Dollar Tree has it all! From cake mixes to cupcake liners to decorating tools, you can find it all at Dollar Tree without breaking the bank!

cake mixes at dollar tree

Snacks – Honestly, you can never have enough snacks. And whether you are looking for something healthy, salty or sweet, Dollar Tree has a huge selection of snacks in all sorts of brands, sizes and flavors. You can’t go wrong on these isles!

snacks at dollar tree

Now that you know what grocery items are worth buying at Dollar Tree, hurry over to your nearest store to grab all the good grocery items before they are gone!

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