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Here’s The 10 Best Things Money Can Buy at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a treasure trove for those who love a good bargain.

With everything priced at just $1.25, it’s the perfect place to find a wide variety of items without breaking the bank.

From household essentials to unexpected finds, Here’s The 10 Best Things Money Can Buy at Dollar Tree right now.

front exterior of dollar tree

Dollar Tree is one of those places that you can visit several times a month and never get bored. Why? Simply because they constantly stock new items.

If you haven’t been in a while, I think it’s safe to say, you’re missing out. Even with the $0.25 increase per item, there are several things I’ve never pass up if I spotted them because they are a crazy good price.

So, here’s a list of 10 items always worth buying at Dollar Tree…

front of a dollar tree store

The 10 Best Things Money Can Buy at Dollar Tree

Party Supplies – Don’t overpay for party supplies that are going to be used once and then thrown away. Head to Dollar Tree where they have everything from party themed supplies to wrapping paper, gift bags, candles and more! I’ve recently found this Unicorn Party theme and it’s so magical!

party supplies at dollar tree

Energy Drinks – I don’t know about you, but I tend to need a midday pick-me-up pretty much daily and energy drinks can be quite expensive. Luckily, Dollar Tree has a huge selection of energy drinks (including zero calorie ones) for just $1.25 each.

energy drinks at dollar tree

Seasonal Items: Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter or 4th of July nearing, Dollar Tree has some sort of isle filled with seasonal decor, candy and craft items to help you celebrate the next holiday in a big way. Make sure you grab these items before they are gone because they tend to sell out fast!

st patricks day decor at dollar tree

Eggs – Many don’t know that Dollar Tree sells eggs! When prices soared, they stopped but Dollar Tree has finally brought back eggs. Many locations offer 6-18 counts in the refrigerated section so it’s worth checking!

eggs at dollar tree

Laundry Detergent Sheets – Sure, you can certainly buy these in bulk but Dollar Tree sells Gain and Tide dryer sheets in 15 counts for $1.25. Pro tip: Cut these in half and you have 30 loads making each load just $0.04. They also have eco-friendly sheets in a box of 10.

Bread – One of my favorite items ever (and one I always buy) is bread at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree carries name brand bread that is typically $4-$6 per loaf at other retailers. I like to grab several of these and then freeze them until I am ready to eat them. Oh and this includes english muffins, bagels and donuts too!

bread and donuts at dollar tree

Pregnancy Tests – If you are trying to get pregnant, Dollar Tree pregnancy tests are going to be your best friend. They are just $1.25 each and are the pink line (so they don’t bleed like the blue line tests do). On the positive side (no pun intended) I found out I was pregnant with all my kids with these tests. They work great!

pregnancy tests at dollar tree

Greeting Cards – If you are the type of person that enjoys giving greeting cards, head to Dollar Tree. They have cards for $1.25 or some cards 2 for $1. Both are great options for gifting and they have some great cards that are high-quality! After all, they are Hallmark cards!

greeting cards at dollar tree

Garden Decor – When Spring nears, Dollar Tree gets stocked full of garden items including garden tools, planters and their ever popular fairy garden decor. All of these items tend to sell out fast so don’t pass these items up!

fairy garden items at dollar tree

Home Storage and Organization – Whenever I get the itch to organize something in my home, I head to Dollar Tree. They always have a great selection of home storage and organizational bins. Many in fun colors to match the season. And you can’t beat the price of $1.25.

storage bins at dollar tree

Now that you know what items are the most bang for your buck, head to your local Dollar Tree and see what treasures you can find on a budget!

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