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Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bombs are a hot trend that involves a chocolate ball filled with hot cocoa, marshmallows and other mix-ins. Drop it into a hot cup of milk and watch it melt away. Then stir for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

What Are Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Hot Cocoa Bombs are balls of chocolate that are filled with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and other mix-ins. You drop them into hot milk and allow them to melt to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Most hot cocoa bombs are round but they come in many shapes, sizes and flavors.

How Do You Use Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Simply drop your hot cocoa bomb into a glass of hot milk and stir. You can also put the hot cocoa bomb into the bottom of a heat-safe mug or cup and then pour hot milk over the hot cocoa bomb. Then stir and enjoy!

How Do You Make Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Check out tons of Hot Cocoa Bomb recipes below!