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11 Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers to Buy Now Ahead of The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, the quest for the perfect stocking stuffers can turn into a daunting task. But who says you must break the bank to fill those stockings with joy?

This year, head to your local Dollar Tree, where a trove of festive and affordable finds awaits.

I’ve gathered my favorite list of 11 Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers that are not only budget-friendly but guaranteed to bring the holiday joy. From quirky gadgets to sweet treats, these hidden treasures at $1.25, will leave your loved ones wondering how Santa managed such magic on a dime.

dollar tree store outside

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I am not going to lie, I was shocked at some of the new items I found at my local Dollar Tree. Is anyone else so excited to go visit Dollar Tree every week because items are just that good?

And with the holidays nearing, now is the time to be grabbing stocking stuffers because as you know, the good items are gone in a flash.

So, let’s check out some Dollar Tree stocking stuffers that are worth buying now ahead of the holiday shopping season.

11 Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers to Buy Now Ahead of The Holidays

Funky socks: Whether you have a teen on your holiday list or a person who just loves weird socks, Dollar Tree has some funky socks worth grabbing. I’ve found cereal brands such as Raisin Bran, Apple Jacks and Fruit Loop Socks. I’ve even found Old Bay Seasoning and Cheetos socks. It is worth hunting these down.

cereal socks at dollar tree

Magic Towels: I don’t know about you, but my kids love these magic towels. You just throw them into the bath water and watch them grow. They have a ton of different characters and make perfect stocking stuffers.

bin of magic towels at dollar tree

Nerf Target Master Disc Launcher: This toy is such a great deal and is perfect as a stocking stuffer. These normally sell for $3+ at other retailers and these are only $1.25 at Dollar Tree. They also sell the extra pack of discs as well.

nerf disc launcher toy at dollar tree

Barbie Minis and Accessories: If you have a child who loves Barbie, Dollar Tree has a ton of fun mini toys and Barbie accessories for just $1.25. I’ve even found the Barbie Chelsea accessories as well.

Hot Wheels Cars: My kids love Hot Wheels and Dollar Tree always has new Hot Wheels cars to choose from. At $1.25, these make great stocking stuffers. They also usually have the Hot Wheels tracks you can add too!

hot wheels cars at dollar tree

Hot Wheels Characters Cars: I found the more expensive character cars at my local Dollar Tree too. These are typically $5+ at other retailers so it was worth mentioning on it’s own.

hot wheels black panther car at dollar tree

Zuru Smashers: I was really excited to find these Zuru Smashers toys at my local Dollar Tree. They have a few different colors and these are the perfect size for fitting inside a stocking for Christmas.

zuru smashers at dollar tree

Blippi and Frozen Body Wash: I am sure we all know someone who loves Blippi and/or Frozen. With that being said, Dollar Tree has new Blippi and Frozen-themed (Anna and Elsa) 3-in-1 body washes. Perfect stocking stuffers that are also useful.

Character Bath Playtime Activity: Make bathtime fun with these foam activity kits. I found several characters including Paw Patrol, Gabby’s Dollhouse, Minnie and Friends, and Cocomelon.

bath toys at dollar tree

Play-Doh Air Clay: A craft and a toy in one. These packs of Play-Doh Air Clay will keep your kids entertained for hours and make great stocking stuffers.

play-doh air clay at dollar tree

Gift Cards: While these are certainly not $1.25, did you know that Dollar Tree now sells gift cards? These make great stocking stuffers or even gift ideas for the holidays. They have a ton of different options (restaurants, gaming, shopping, etc.) to choose from too!

gift cards at dollar tree

Hopefully this list of Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers gave you ideas on what you can grab the next time you visit your local store. Happy holiday shopping!

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