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Dollar Tree Raised Prices On More Items. Here’s Everything That’ll Cost You More Now.

For years, many have relied on Dollar Tree’s steadfast promise of $1 deals to stretch their dollars further but recently, Dollar Tree has quietly begun raising prices on several items throughout the store.

In the past week I’ve noticed a handful of items that have increased as much as 150% which can truly put a damper on one’s budget.

So, I’ve gathered the list of everything that will cost you more now at Dollar Tree so you don’t have any surprises at the register.

front of dollar tree store

I remember the days that I could walk into Dollar Tree with a few bucks and walk out with a handful of items but with the recent price increases, that dollar no longer stretches like it used to.

As an avid shopper of Dollar Tree with regular weekly visits, I’ve been sad to find many items increasing anywhere from $0.25-$2.00 in price which is quite the jump.

And if you happen to be on a tight budget, knowing about these price increases before heading to the register can save you time, money and embarrassment.

outside of dollar tree store

Dollar Tree Price Increases 2024

Starbucks Bottled Coffee: If you have a location that carries drinks, you will notice that Starbucks bottled coffees will now be $3.75 per bottle. This includes the Starbucks Frappuccino, Starbucks Doubleshot and Starbucks Refreshers.

starbucks drinks at dollar tree

Redbull Energy Drinks: Redbull energy drinks will now cost you $2.50 per 8.4 oz can or $3.00 per 12 oz. can and this includes all flavors and varieties.

red bull energy drinks at dollar tree

Gatorade: 20 oz. Gatorades will now cost you $2.25 each. This is actually more expensive than most retailers such as Walmart and Kroger stores so this isn’t a great deal.

Side note: It looks as-if Powerade is still priced at $1.25 each for now.

gatorade at dollar tree

Celsius Energy Drinks: Celsius energy drinks will now cost $2.50 per can at Dollar Tree. Considering you can get a 12-pack on Amazon and Walmart for less than $1.58 a can, this isn’t a great deal at all.

celcius energy drinks at dollar tree

Smart Water, Vitamin Water and Body Armor: Smart Water has now increased to $2.00 per bottle. Vitamin Water has increased to $1.75 and Body Armor is now $2.50 a bottle.

Gold Peak Tea and Dunkin Donuts Coffee: Gold Peak Tea has increased to $2.00 per bottle and Dunkin Donuts coffee has now increased to $3.00 a bottle.

tea at dollar tree

Sunglasses and Eyeglasses: Both sunglasses and eyeglasses have increased to $1.50 per pair.

1-Liter Soda: Both Pepsi and Coke Products have increased to $1.75 each. 2-Liters are typically cheaper than this at other retailers so it’s not a great deal.

1-liter soda at dollar tree

Balloons: This one doesn’t surprise me as much since the cost of helium has increased, but helium balloons are now $1.50 each at Dollar Tree.

helium balloons at dollar tree

Bags of Ice: If your Dollar Tree location offers bags of ice, you will now pay $2.00 per 5 lb. bag of ice.

ice machine at dollar tree

So, now you know which items have increased in price at Dollar Tree. Next time you’re at Dollar Tree, keep these price increases in mind and also be aware that other items may begin ringing up for more at your store.

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