The Best Food Items To Buy at Dollar Tree in May

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May is officially here and that means, so is barbecue season and the official start to summer.

With that being said, if you are looking forward to entertaining at home, I’ve gathered the Best Food Items to Buy at Dollar Tree in May.

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Not only will these food items help you get your entertainment on, they will do so without breaking the bank. After all, Dollar Tree is known for costing just $1.25!

Is it okay to get food from Dollar Tree?

Yes! Generally, it is okay to get food from Dollar Tree. However, just like with any store, you’ll want to check the expiration date. Also ensure that any cans are not dented and food items are sealed prior to purchasing.

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Why is Dollar Tree a $1.25 now?

A little over a year ago, Dollar Tree announced they were raising the price of their items to $1.25 (from $1.00) to help offset the rise in costs to produce items. This was also to help keep the same great products we all know and love.

The Best Food Items To Buy at Dollar Tree in May


Condiments are a must-have for any backyard barbecue but who wants to have a ton of leftovers?

I love getting my party condiments from my local Dollar Tree. I actually like using the smaller containers because we typically finish them. Plus, they make great options for traveling and camping too!

I’ve found all sorts of name brand condiments including Kraft Real Mayo, Heinz Ketchup and even name brand dressings too!

Ice Pops

What can be better than a frozen ice pop on a hot summer day? Nothing I say! Especially, if you have kids!

Well, luckily, Dollar Tree has several varieties if freezer pops to help you get your freezer stocked for summer!

I found regular ice pops, Skittles freezer pops, Sonic freezer bars, Powerade freezer bars and even Sunkist smoothie bars. YUM!

Drink Mixes

We all know that hydration is key, especially in the hotter months.

With that being said, if you get sick of plain old water, grab some drink mixes from Dollar Tree to mix up the flavor of your water. They have a ton of unique flavors/brands to choose from so you’ll never have to drink boring water again!

drink mixes on shelves at dollar tree

Side Note: Give our Strawberry Lemon Infused Water Recipe a try, it’s delicious!

Fruit Puree Pouches

If you are a parent, you know what these are. My kids love these.

Luckily, if you are wanting to try out different flavors or just want a few, Dollar Tree has 3-packs of Fruit Puree Pouches for $1.25. That’s a great price being these can be over $1 each at places like Walmart and Target.

hand holding fruit pouch at dollar tree


Now, normally, I would buy a big box of individual chips from Costco BUT I find, there is typically one to two chip flavors that nobody will eat and it just goes to waste.

So, if you feel the same way or you want to just get a handful of chips, you can grab bags at Dollar Tree and serve them up at your bbq.

Not only do these give more of a variety, they stay fresh too. Plus, you don’t have a ton of hands grabbing chips from the same bag. Win. Win.

chips on shelving at dollar tree

Cake/Cookie Mix

If you are looking to bake some goodies for your May gatherings, check out Dollar Tree.

Not only do they have full-size cake and cookie mixes (at a great price) but they also have frosting and all the items to decorate your cookies/cupcakes/cake too. I’ve found all sorts of sprinkles and cake decorating supplies.

Now that you are armed and ready with the best items to buy at Dollar Tree in May, all that is left to do is, plan that May barbecue and get to shopping!

As a reminder, if you don’t like shopping in-store, you can Shop Dollar Tree Online Here.

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