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Being creative is one of the best things about crafting. I love sharing creative craft tutorials and ideas for adults. DIY home decor, chalk art, gift ideas, etc. We have lots of creative crafts for your home and craft room. In this section you will find all of my creative craft tutorials for adults.

We Whisk You a Merry Kiss-Mas Gift + Free Printable

Are you looking for a unique and original gift for the holiday season? Look no further! Our We Whisk You a Merry Kiss-Mas gift is the perfect way to spread a little holiday cheer without breaking the holiday budget. Unique, fun and inexpensive gift ideas are my go-to when it comes to giving small gifts …

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Homemade Lemon Rosemary Potpourri

This Homemade Lemon Rosemary Potpourri is the perfect way to naturally make your home smell amazing. It makes a great gift for the holidays too! Homemade Lemon Rosemary Potpourri It’s no secret that we all have those panic moments where our house stinks and we need a quick solution to make it smell great. Homemade Potpourri is …

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Spider Treat Containers

These adorable spider treat containers can be made in under 30 minutes, can be filled with small candies or trinkets, and will make any Halloween celebration feel extra special! Spider Treat Containers I love nearly everything about Halloween but one of my top favorite things to do is, make adorable Halloween treats and easy halloween …

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2-Ingredient Armpit Detox Mask

This 2-Ingredient Armpit Detox is a great way to help you transition from traditional deodorants to non-aluminum, natural deodorants. It helps cleanse your pores and leaves you feeling refreshed. The Armpit Detox started as a viral trend on TikTok. It became popular as people began to understand the harm that traditional aluminum based deodorants can …

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Farmhouse Style Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Tree Ornament

This Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Tree Ornament is a super easy Christmas ornament to make. With just 5 supplies, you’ll have a farmhouse ornament you’ll be proud to display all season long. This year, I decided it was finally time to change up my Christmas decorations and of course, get a new Christmas Tree. I ended …

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How To Make A Jack Skellington Face Mask Using A Cricut

This Jack Skellington Face Mask is the perfect wearable craft for any Nightmare Before Christmas Fan. With a few craft supplies and a Cricut machine, you’ll have a face mask that is perfect for Halloween! Halloween is the perfect time of year to be wearing masks everyday so why not wear one that is adorable?! …

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